Your questions (September 2019)

We recently received a number of questions via email from riders across the country that we think deserve wider attention. We therefore are sharing these answers with you all in case you too have any thoughts or feedback on these issues.

We want to stress that we take feedback we receive seriously. While inevitably riders have a whole range of different views on how we approach various issues, meaning we can’t always provide immediate assurances on every issue, we are committed to listening to you and working to make your experience riding with us a positive one. You are always welcome to come to us directly with any thoughts, comments or questions that you have.

A rider from Plymouth asked about why we give some priority to certain types of vehicle in the Self Service Booking system

In order to provide the best services to customers, it is important to have riders on the roads that choose to use a variety of vehicles types able to make deliveries across a variety of distances. Deliveroo is proud that around half of all riders in the UK choose to use bicycles to make deliveries.

However, to help maintain an appropriate balance and in order to provide appropriate incentives to those riders who choose to invest in electric or motorised vehicles, we have introduced this small change to the self service booking system. Of course, riders can still log in and complete orders freely at all times in free login zones (where priority booking is not relevant) – for example, in Plymouth where this question relates to, or in response to live demand in booking zones. 

A rider from Aberdeen asked about the way we update attendance statistics in cases where someone is suddenly unable to make a booking due to unforeseen circumstances. 

This is something we action based on rider feedback to our support team. As part of our regular review of our processes, we are looking into how we can speed up the process where we need to amend statistics due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Again, it is important to emphasise that priority access in booking areas is not relevant to riders who decide to work in free login areas, or in booking areas in response to live demand.

A rider from Nottingham asked about the test of the Free Login system in certain areas

As we have made clear in previous communications to riders, we are testing free login in a number of areas that will run until the end of the year. This test is the result of feedback from riders. In fact, as set out above, this model addresses many of the questions raised in the questions from other riders- and delivers maximum flexibility to riders who decide to work in our busiest areas. 

We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from riders in these areas. 

On the issue of earnings, as ever, the best way to maximise earnings remains riding at hours of peak demand when order numbers are high. We will continue to ensure that riders are aware of these peak times and of the benefits of working in those hours.

A rider in Nottingham asked why we have not been to the area in the last few weeks, after the start of changes to the fee structure

Our team has been going out across the country in the past few weeks to speak to riders about their views on a range of issues, including fee structures. Since the changes to fees were introduced we’ve met with more than 1,000 riders in Belfast, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Reading, Cambridge, Bournemouth and other towns and cities, alongside our regular channels of communication with riders.

We have visited Nottingham twice this year and are actively planning another visit in the coming months. We will continue to actively seek out and engage riders and work with them to ensure the riding experience is a positive one.

A rider from Sheffield asked about our engagement with the local council on parking issues

We are engaging at both a local and national level with politicians and policy officials on parking issues as we want to see an approach which works across the country.

On Sheffield in particular, the reference in our press comment refers to a letter we sent to the Leader of the Council requesting a meeting to discuss the issues raised by riders, including parking charges. We are hoping to be able to schedule a meeting in the near future.