Why it’s your responsibility to engage with insurers

As you all know, safety is a priority for us at Deliveroo – your safety and that of every other road user and pedestrian.

Deliveroo provides each rider who works with us free accident and injury insurance so you’re covered if something goes wrong while you’re on the road. We also provide you with free third party liability insurance to make sure that, if there is an accident while you are delivering and you’re alleged to be at fault for injury or damages caused to someone else or someone else’s property, their costs are covered and the full costs don’t fall on you. Put simply, the third party liability insurance we have put in place is designed to defend you against claims made against you. Deliveroo funds both insurance policies because it’s the right thing to do and we want you and others to be protected.

It is important to understand how this third party liability insurance works. Deliveroo works with third party insurers, but you are the policy holder. So if there is an accident, you need to speak to the insurance company we work with to provide details of what happened and support their investigation. Without this, an insurer cannot verify the details of a claim and a claim cannot be processed.

Speaking to insurers will not get you in any trouble. You will simply be fulfilling a contractual duty. If you are in an accident and are contacted by the insurer and you do not engage with them for 14 days or more, your rider account will be disabled and you will not be able to work with Deliveroo. Additionally, if you do not cooperate, the insurer is free to pass your contact details to the claimant, who could then pursue you directly.

But there is a bigger, more important reason why it is critical that you cooperate with insurers.

We have recently had a case where a rider making a delivery collided with a woman. He was riding on a pedestrian path and shouldn’t have been. The woman fractured her elbow and had to have serious surgery. She has been in pain and her daily life has been put on pause. She is unable to work and has had to swap what she enjoys doing for trips to the hospital and sleepless nights.

The rider was contacted by insurers, but he has refused to pick up his phone. He has avoided all contact with us and with the insurer. As a result, he has had his account disabled, but much more importantly the woman who was injured has not been able to get the compensation she would have been entitled to, which would have covered her costs and helped her recovery. If the rider cooperated, the insurer would have been able to deal with the claim made by the injured woman.

None of us would want this to happen to our friend, a member of our family or a neighbour, so we should not let it happen to anyone.

The rider has also given an awful reflection of all Deliveroo riders. We know you do not want to be known as individuals who avoid responsibilities – we know that’s not who you are. Indeed, we know the extent to which you are all committed to supporting the communities you work in. We always say that Deliveroo riders are heroes – and we mean it. But the actions of one or two can wrongly misrepresent all riders, and that’s something we must do all we can to stop.

We know accidents are rare. However, all road users face risks and so we ask that you all take your responsibilities seriously if you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident and insurers are involved.

Thank you in advance.