Knowing when to swipe

Every time you swipe a different stage of a delivery you send a different message to our system. Doing this accurately is extremely important

This helps everyone – you, us and the customer – by:

  • Improving our restaurant map locations to help you find restaurants quicker
  • Telling the hungry customer when to expect their food
  • Helping our machine-learning tech to improve the order experience for you in future, by knowing how long each stage of the journey should take

But for all this to work properly, we need you to make sure you’re always swiping at the right time. That’s:

  1. When you accept the order
  2. When you arrive at the restaurant
  3. When you collect the food from the restaurant
  4. When you arrive at the customer’s address
  5. When you hand the food to the customer

Swiping at the wrong time, for instance before you’ve arrived at the restaurant, gives everyone the wrong information, and makes it harder for us to work with restaurants to improve the delivery experience.

What happens if I can’t complete on an order?
If you’re on an order and can’t complete it for any reason (like if you have a problem with your vehicle) you can phone Rider Support who will help you get unassigned from the order. That makes sure that we can tell the customer there will be a delay with their order while another rider completes the order.

If you’re at the customer and can’t reach them you can also use the Can’t reach customer feature to leave the delivery in a safe place. Find out more about that here.

Please don’t swipe through to complete the order without speaking to Rider Support, as we won’t know you’ve had a problem.

You only get fees for deliveries you complete. If you don’t complete the order, and the customer doesn’t receive the food, you’ll see this listed under Deliveries not completed on your next invoice.