What you need to know about fee per delivery

Flexible work and competitive fees are what riding with Deliveroo is all about.

Deliveroo’s fee per delivery payment model is designed to give you the flexibility to ride when you choose and the opportunity to make great fees. That’s why all new riders work with us on this payment model. The option to work with us on the fee per delivery payment model is also available to all current riders at any time.

Here’s what we’ve found from speaking to riders about the fee per delivery model:

Riders overwhelmingly prefer this payment model

Almost 90% of riders who have moved to fee per delivery prefer it to the old hourly fee structure.

Riders enjoy more flexibility

Fee per delivery riders have access to every zone across the UK through the self-serve booking tool, including free login zones. You can find more information about the in-app tool here.

Riders make more money

On average, fee per delivery riders earn over £10.50 per hour. That’s £2.00 more per hour than riders who work on the old hourly fee model.

Plus, from time to time extra fees are available to fee per delivery riders – giving them the opportunity to maximise their earnings.

If you have any questions about fee per delivery or would like to start working on this payment model, please get in touch at [email protected]