Using your new JEEMAK Vision 4K camera

Some handy tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your camera


- The camera is waterproof to 30 metres and has a rating of IP68.

- The camera is capable of HD video, photos and slow-mo.

- The battery is removable and easy to swap out, you receive two of these in the box.

- The camera takes a micro sd card of up to 32GB.

Using the remote

The remote is a great way to quickly record a video or take a photo. Simply attach the strap to the remote and mount it to your jacket, wrist or bike. Operating the remote is easy:

- Use the grey button to start and stop video

- Use the red button to capture a photo

Removing the cover to access the Micro SD card, battery & charging ports

To remove the cover pull upwards on the black clip at the top of the camera, the clip will go towards you.

Pull open the casing via the screen and slide the camera out into your hand. Now you have full access to ports, micro sd card and the battery. Easy peasy!

Recording a video or taking a photo

Simply hold the button on the front of the camera to power on.

Using the same button on the front of the camera, cycle through the various modes. These modes are photo, video, slow motion and gallery.

Once you get to the mode you would like, simply press the button on the top of the camera to capture/start your video. Press the button again to end the video.

You can also use the handy remote provided.

Navigating the settings page

Navigate to the settings page by pressing the button on the front of the camera until a settings cog appears.

In this menu, press the front button to cycle through the pages, the side buttons to navigate up and down and the top button to select.

Inserting the battery

To insert the battery, remove the protective casing by pulling upwards on the black plastic clip. Lift the plastic screen cover and remove the camera inside.

At the bottom of the camera you'll find a small area where a nail can be used to lift the battery cover.

Ensure the battery contacts are facing the screen. You can match these up by looking inside the battery slot.

Charging the camera

To charge the camera, remove the protective casing by pulling up on the black plastic clip.

Remove the camera and insert the small end of the charger provided (micro usb) into the camera, and the large end (usb a) into a laptop, computer or 5w USB plug (not provided).

Mounts & accessories

The camera comes with a wide range of accessories and mounts.

Some can be used to mount the camera to your helmet, clothing, bike or a tripod.

For more details on how to use accessories, visit page 5 of your JEEMAK user guide.

Using the XDV app

The XDV app is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Within the app you can record videos and take photos, view your footage and change settings. It's a great companion to your camera.