Making self-serve booking work better for you

Since launching the self-serve booking tool last month, we’ve spoken to hundreds of you about your experience using this new tool which was designed to improve your experience when booking sessions and freely logging in when you want to work at the last minute. Thank you for participating in our recent surveys, focus groups and contacting the rider support team with your questions and feedback.

You told us that:
You often find it more difficult to book sessions you want or login at the last minute;
There is sometimes an incentive to over-book sessions, even if you don’t intend to work them (as a buffer);
You’re finding it difficult to book as many hours as you want.

Based on your feedback, we’re making changes to make the tool work better for you.

As you know, you’re free to decide when you want to work around your life. If you make a booking and change your mind you can let us know at any time. If you cancel a booking at least 24 hours in advance, it gives greater flexibility to other riders who may wish to book or login at that time throughout any given week.

So, to improve the rider experience and address your feedback, from this Wednesday 22nd November a new statistic will be added, which will be relevant in determining priority booking access for those riders who chose to make bookings.
This is:
Late cancellation – the number of sessions cancelled on less than 24 hours’ notice.

This will be added to the existing statistics, which are:
Attendance – percentage of booked sessions attended.
Super-peak participation – the number of sessions worked during our busiest periods (19:00 – 21:00 on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday).

From Wednesday you will see “Late cancellation“ added to your statistics in the app. This will show as 0% for all riders and begin to change based on how you choose to work from Wednesday 22nd November. It will be used to help determine priority booking access when sessions are released for booking from Monday 27th November.

Your feedback is incredibly important to us. Keep telling us what you think and we will continue to take action, based on your feedback. Because, if it doesn’t work for you – it doesn’t work for us.