Up to 50% off Beryl Bike lights!

Beryl and Deliveroo have partnered together to make city cycling safer and light up your ride. Get your Laserlight, Burner or Pixel light at an exclusive price for Deliveroo riders only.

You can get:

50% off a Laserlight

30% off a Burner

10% off a Pixel

  • The Beryl Laserlight shines a projection of a bike 6 metres in front of you to warn vehicles of your presence, even when you can’t be seen.
  • It has a 60h runtime and keeps you visible with 100 lumen light and 180′ visibility.
  • It’s a lightweight, attach anywhere light, that you can put on your bag, helmet, or attach to your clothes.

Claim this exclusive offer though Portify. If you don’t have Portify yet, get your account here.  If you already have Portify on your phone, tap here to open it.