Tech round-up: hints and tips 2

Leave your order somewhere safe

If you’ve arrived at the customer but they’re not answering their doorbell or phone, you can send a notification from the app.

Simply tap the top left-hand icon from the delivery screen and select ‘Send notification’.

If you’ve sent the notification already and been waiting more than ten minutes, you can leave the order somewhere safe. From the same screen tap ‘Leave order’, and select the correct location before you mark as delivered. If there’s nowhere to leave the order, you can also mark that in the app.

If you can’t find the customer please don’t swipe ‘Delivered’ without following these steps – otherwise you won’t receive fees for these deliveries.

Leave your order in a safe place

Make sure you can always call customers

Have you noticed your new in-app profile page? You can now make sure your email and phone number info is always up to date, and edit it yourself – avoiding the need to contact Rider Support.

To access, just tap the arrow next to your Rider ID, click Change contact details, then select the bit you need to update.

It’s important to keep your phone number up to date, because you can only call the customer if the phone number you’re using matches the number we have on your profile. If you’re working with a substitute you can also use this page to put their phone number on your account while they’re making deliveries for you.

Getting notified about extra booking availability

When you’re in the Planner booking sessions, it’s frustrating when you see that a slot you want is fully booked. But did you know that you can ask to be notified if a space becomes available?

Tap the session, and you’ll see a pop up where you can toggle ‘Let me know if someone cancels’ to on. Then once another rider decides to cancel their session, you’ll get a notification.

We allocate cancelled sessions to riders according to the sessions they already have booked, their booking priority, and when they requested the session. So if you’ve already got sessions booked around the available session you’re more likely to be offered it. We’ll keep offering the sessions to riders until it’s accepted.

Don’t forget to check ID

You might have noticed we’ve updated how you check ID for certain orders.

For orders that contain alcohol, you’ll be asked to confirm if the customer looks over 25, and if not, prompted to enter their date of birth. The app will work out whether the customer’s old enough and let you know whether or not you can hand over the order.

If only some of the order is age-restricted and the customer doesn’t have ID or isn’t old enough, you can remove those items but leave the rest of the order.

If the customer can’t provide valid ID and you can’t give them part or all of the order you’ll still be paid the full delivery fee.

ID checks

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