Tech round-up: updates!

Rounding up some smaller tech updates

August 2018

We’re always working behind the scenes to improve the rider app. Sometimes these improvements are big and other times they’re small. Recently, we’ve made a bunch of smaller updates and we have saved them all up so we can tell you about them in one go!

Au revoir acceptance rate

Au revoir acceptance rate

Riding with us as a fee per delivery rider means you’re free to decide when, where and whether you work, which includes choosing which orders you want to accept or reject.

This is why we do not factor your acceptance rate into any self-serve booking statistics. The statistics that are considered for priority booking can be found here.

80%, 92%, 67% – whatever your acceptance rate is, for fee per delivery riders it simply doesn’t matter to us.

We focus on offering you the best earning opportunities when you decide to go online in your app. It’s up to you whether you take those deliveries.

We’ve shown you the rate on your order screen so that you could see the potential fees you had turned down by rejecting orders. But from listening to you, we know this feature was causing confusion, especially as it has zero impact on your ability to work with us. So, we’ve now removed it.

Remember, if you know you do not want to do an order, it is much quicker and easier to reject it as soon as it is offered – you don’t need to accept and then un-assign yourself.

Updated restaurant locations

Updated restaurant locations

In a previous tech round-up we described all the ways we capture your feedback and how we use that to improve the app. Thanks to smarter swipes, we’re collecting more accurate restaurant location information from riders. Just this week we have updated 16,000 restaurant locations! This should mean it’s easier and quicker for you to find your way to the restaurant’s front door.

Order acceptance time

If you work with us on the flexible fee per delivery model, you’ll know it’s totally up to you to choose which orders you accept and which ones you reject.

We recently tested new acceptance times to improve the rider experience. We trialled a 40-second window and following feedback decided to increase it to 100 seconds. This means you’ve got plenty of time to park up safely, view the order and decide whether you want to accept it – and if not, it gets offered to another rider quickly.

This update means that when you choose to reject an order, we can offer it to another rider as quickly as possible, so other riders get the choice of accepting it and the food reaches the customer when they expect it.

Sync your bookings to your calendar

Sync your bookings to your calendar

We know you have a busy life alongside riding with Deliveroo, which is why we’ve made it easier for you to see how your bookings fit around everything else in your life.

We’ve recently added the option to sync your bookings to your calendar – just open the rider app, go to Settings, tap Sync to calendar and then turn on the toggle for Sync planner with calendar.

Turning on the switch will allow you to create a matching event in your own calendar each time you make a booking (or whenever a booking is confirmed, if you request it weekly).

If there are multiple calendars on your phone, we’ll create events in your preferred calendar by default – but you can pick whichever one you’d like.

Each calendar event will tell you which zone that booking is for (with a map to its zone centre) and list any surges that apply – just like you’d see in the Planner. Plus, you can tap the event’s URL to jump straight back into the Planner directly.