Tech round-up: Statistics – your questions answered

The in-app self serve booking tool has been designed based on your feedback to give you fair access to the flexible work you want. It matches the number of riders needed with the number of orders we expect to receive, and works out how many sessions will be available to get the right balance – giving you more security over how much you can earn. It also allows you to freely go online at any time where we have a need for riders.

If you’re new to self-serve booking, here’s a summary of how it works.

If you know the tool well, read on to see our answers to some of your most commonly asked questions about in-app statistics.

All riders work with us in different ways so they can fit riding around their life. Some fit riding around studying and family commitments, and others ride to top up other earnings while getting some exercise.

This means some riders want to work an hour here and there, while other riders want more hours. Some might want to work evenings and weekends when more riders are needed, while others might want to work at any time.

However you ride, we want you to have fair access to the work you want. So we look at statistics for you and other riders in your area to give priority booking access to those who provide the most consistent, quality service.

All sessions are released for booking at 17:00 each Monday – but you can get earlier access at 11:00 and 15:00. This is known as priority booking access.

We look at statistics for you and other riders in your area to work out whether you’ll get access to bookings for the following week at 11:00, 15:00 or 17:00. Priority booking access will be given to the riders who provide the most reliable service. This means it’s as fair as possible for everyone to access the hours they want, based on how they have recently chosen to work.

Remember, as this is relative to other riders in your city, priority groups change each week. So, for example, if your late cancellation rate is 10% one week, that doesn’t mean you’ll always get access to bookings at 15:00. Or if you decide not to work super-peak hours, that doesn’t necessarily mean your priority group will be affected. It all depends on what other riders are doing too.


It’s calculated as a percentage of the booked sessions you attended. That’s a session where you:

  • are logged in and online for at least 20% of a booked session – e.g. 12 mins in 60 minute session (time spent holding on the ‘want to take a break?’ screen does not count towards attendance), and
  • choose to complete at least 1 delivery, if you are offered at least 2 deliveries in a session (but if we offer you fewer than 2 deliveries in the session it doesn’t matter how many you complete)

Of course, this doesn’t count any sessions that you cancelled.


Plans change – and that’s totally fine. If something comes up and you can’t work a booked session there is no requirement for you to cancel.

But keep in mind that there may be other riders out there who would like to work the session you’re no longer able to make. Where you can it’s helpful to cancel sessions in advance to make them available for other riders to book. This also makes it easier for all riders pick up extra hours at the last minute.


Cancelling a session at the last minute makes it less likely that another rider will have the chance to pick it up.

You might remember that when self-serve booking first launched, there was no statistic for 24-hour cancellation. Many of you were concerned that unlimited cancellations meant riders were booking more hours than they actually intended to work. All of the sessions booked up really quickly, but with no need to cancel in advance, very few ever became available to book again if the rider chose not to work.

We took this feedback on board and introduced the 24-hour cancellation statistic to help make it fairer. Now more sessions are available to book throughout the week.

We totally get that there are situations outside of your control, which mean that sometimes cancelling a session 24 hours in advance isn’t possible. When this happens, for example, if sudden extreme weather or unsafe conditions force us to close the service, your statistics will never be impacted. And if an emergency, like a road accident, means you can’t work, just let our team know and we’ll help to make sure your statistics will not be affected.


(From 3 July 2019) In order for us to best serve the longer orders that customers increasingly want, scooters and cars have an extra boost to their statistics. This doesn’t impact the number of orders you receive when you’re on the road, and you’re free to use whatever vehicle you want.


Yes. In the UK riders work on average 15 hours a week. Self-serve booking has been designed to provide fair access to sessions for everyone. For riders who decide to work more hours, and are likely to rely on these hours to meet their fee goals, we’re committed to ensuring you have access to a similar amount of work each week. This means that where your statistics are the same, a rider who works more hours per week may get access to sessions earlier than a rider who works fewer hours.


Your statistics are based on your last 14 active days. An active day is when you have done any of the following:

  • Attended a booking
  • Not attended a booking
  • Cancelled a booking less than 24 hours in advance (the day of the session that was cancelled)

Here’s an example:

Your attendance and late cancellation rates are calculated as a percentage of your bookings. This means they will change depending on the number of sessions you’ve booked in the past 14 days.

Here’s an illustration to help make this clearer:


Individual statistics

Your individual statistics (attendance, late cancellation, super-peak participation) are updated one hour after the end of each session. If you’ve just worked a super-peak hour for example, it will show in your attendance and super-peak participation rates an hour later.

Priority access group

The time you get access to sessions on a Monday, which is displayed just above your statistics in your app, is based on your statistics compared to all riders in your city. Your stats update once every hour.

Priority access groups are finalised every Sunday. From Tuesday morning, priority groups will update again, taking into account your activity from Sunday and evening and Monday towards your next week’s priority access.


By turning on ‘Request weekly’ for a booking, you automatically request to book those sessions for the same day each week.

Your booking will only be confirmed one week in advance. Weekly requests will be confirmed based on:

1) Priority group – if you are in a priority group, you are more likely to be allocated your request weekly sessions

2) Your recent activity – the more sessions you have attended over the past few weeks, the more weekly requests you may be allocated

3) Demand – as order volumes change week on week, the number of available sessions will also change


If you want to book specific sessions but none are left, tap ‘Let me know if someone cancels’ to receive a notification when a free space becomes available for booking. The push notifications for available sessions are prioritised by:

1) Neighbouring sessions – If you have a session booked before or after the newly available session you will be likely to be one of the first to be notified. For example, if a 12:00-13:00 session on Friday becomes available and you have already booked the 13:00-14:00 session you will likely receive one of the first notifications.

2) Priority group – If you are in a priority group, you are more likely to be notified before other riders.

3) Time you selected ‘Let me know if someone cancels’ – If you were one of the first to select it, you may also be notified before other riders.


No, your acceptance rate does not impact your statistics or your priority group.


Definitely not. Your statistics do not affect how many orders you’re offered.


No. Statistics and priority booking only matter for sessions that you book in advance, in booking zones only. They have zero effect on when you can go online at the last minute. In booking zones, you can go online at any time more riders are needed to meet order demand. And in free login zones, you can go online the moment you want to start riding, with no need to book in advance.

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