Tech round-up: how the restaurant tablet works

When order collections are seamless, everyone wins – restaurants get orders out the door when they’re freshly made, you can move onto your next delivery and maximise your earnings, and customers receive quality food quickly.

Not only are we making improvements to the rider app to help make pickups smoother and quicker, but we are also making changes to the technology restaurants use.

So in this Tech round-up, we wanted to give you a peek at how the restaurant tablet works and what we’re doing to make it better.


How does the restaurant tablet work?

Inside each of the thousands of restaurants we work with, orders through Deliveroo are managed using a tablet.

When a restaurant receives an order, the tablet will ping and a window will pop with the new order.

When a restaurant taps ‘Accept order’, our technology matches this order to the best placed available rider, for the most efficient delivery. That’s based on the rider’s live location and the estimated time it will take a rider to travel to the restaurant – you can find out more about this here.

Once you accept the order, the tablet lets the restaurant know how long it will take you to get there. It also gives a time for them to have the order ready, so that when you arrive at the restaurant, the food is prepared and ready for you to pick up.

When you get near the restaurant, the tablet let’s them know. And then when you arrive, it updates again.


Why are orders not always ready when I get to the restaurant?

Everything we’ve explained so far should mean that restaurants always have the food ready for you to collect when you arrive. We know this doesn’t always happen and delays at the restaurant are really frustrating for you.

The good news is that we’re doing lots to make the pickup part of your journey quicker and smoother.


1) We are getting more accurate with the times we give restaurants to have orders prepared and ready for you to collect:

  • If a restaurant’s orders are consistently ready to be collected by riders at the pick up time shown above, we will allow a little less time for them to prepare future orders.
  • If riders sometimes have to wait for orders to be ready, we will allow more time for the restaurant to prepare orders in the future.

    Restaurants want to have their food ready in time for you to arrive because it helps them to provide a better customer service – encouraging people to come back to them again in the future.


2) Every day, our technology is learning and adapting to better estimate the time you will arrive at the restaurant. It learns from the information you provide, every time you swipe in your rider app. This means we can pass on accurate information to the restaurant, so they can ensure orders are ready for you to collect:

  • When you swipe ‘accept’, the restaurant will see you’re on your way to them.
  • When you swipe ‘arrived’, the restaurant will see that on their tablet.
  • When you swipe ‘collected’ and ‘delivered’, the order will move to the restaurant’s list of completed orders.

Sometimes, restaurants tell us that riders swipe ‘arrived’ when they aren’t actually there. This may mean that food goes to waste and they need to make it again. This could make restaurants less inclined to get the food ready on time. That’s why it’s so important that you swipe in your app at the right time.


3) Often restaurants are busier than expected, which makes it harder to them to have every single order ready on time. So, over the coming weeks and months we will be working even harder to help pickups run more smoothly for you at the busiest times.


Yes. The restaurant is notified in real time when you’re on the way, nearby, and when you’ve arrived.


Restaurants are given a pickup time in their app, which helps them plan out and arrange how they prepare meals for their pickup time.


You can unassign yourself from an order in the app if you’ve been waiting at the restaurant for too long. Tap the question mark icon in the top right corner and then tap ‘Restaurant taking too long’.


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