Tech round-up: you say, we listen

Everything about riding with Deliveroo needs to work for you. From managing your work easily in the app to being able to complete each delivery smoothly.

This is why we are committed to working with you to make improvements. We have teams whose only purpose is to listen, review and act on your feedback. It’s super important that you let us know what you think about every part of riding with us.



There are lots of ways you can share your feedback with us and we will be adding more opportunities for you to let us know your views.


How do we collect your feedback?

Rejecting a delivery – When you choose to reject a delivery, you can choose from the list of options to let us know why you don’t want to do it. We use this feedback to understand which deliveries you don’t like doing, why you reject them and what we can do to improve them.

Delivery feedback – Each time you finish a delivery, you can rate your experience by giving it a 👍 or 👎. By letting us know why you rated it badly – for example, if you couldn’t find the customer or if the was the distance too long – we know what we need to make better. We receive around 35,000 ratings from riders around the world every week, so this paints a really clear picture of your experience.

Rider satisfaction – Now and then you might receive a pop-up in the rider app, asking you to let us know how satisfied you are with us and why. We’re constantly checking trends to see how happy riders are everywhere – from time to time, and from place to place. For example, if we have just launched a new app feature in Spain and we see rider happiness jump up, we know this is a great result and will look to bring it to riders in other countries soon!

But don’t worry, feedback we receive through these in-app surveys will always be looked at on an aggregate level, meaning your feedback will never be linked back to you – so please be honest!

Send feedback and submit ideas!
If you have a suggestion to improve the app or need to report a problem with it, you can tell us by selecting ‘Send feedback’ from the bottom of the Menu in-app. Using this tool you can take screen recordings and screenshots to help us understand the problem, exactly how you see it. We’re always monitoring this feedback and taking action as a result – but bear in mind that this is purely for suggestions and problems, so you will not get a response. If you have a question that requires an answer or help, rider support is the best place to contact.


As a tech company, it’s no surprise that we are all about data! We have teams dedicated to reviewing trends and overall data we receive from our delivery network, so we can spot things to improve. We look at the end-to-end delivery process to see what’s working well and what isn’t – for example, this shows us if riders are being held up at specific restaurants, or if we don’t have the right number of riders on the road at 20:00 in Manchester.


Whenever we look at introducing a change, for example the new ‘Can’t reach customer’ feature, we arrange loads of research sessions with riders like you – who are actually out on the road, using the app and making deliveries – to see what you think. These sessions are incredibly important as they’re what help us design new features that we know will work for you.


From time to time, we will ask you to fill in a survey to tell us your general views about riding with us. We’ll also send you a survey about specific topics too, for example about a rider event you attended, so we can pinpoint what we’ve done well and what we could improve.



What have we done with your feedback so far?

During your time with us, you will have seen lots of improvements we have made purely as a result of your feedback. Here are just a few:

Self-serve booking
The in-app self serve booking tool has been designed based on your feedback to give you fair access to the flexible work you want.

It matches the number of riders needed with the number of orders we expect to receive, and works out how many sessions will be available to get the right balance – giving you more security over how much you can earn.

It also allows you to freely go online at any time where we have a need for riders. If you’re new to self-serve booking, here’s a summary of how it works.

Restaurant wait time
By far, the number one reason you used to give deliveries a thumbs down was because of the time you spent waiting at the restaurant.

We got to work to identify the best ways to fix this quickly. The first step was to introduce the ‘Wait at restaurant’ feature in the app, enabling you to report the issue and reject the order at this point.

We work with our restaurant partners to discuss your feedback and review how we can reduce these wait times. We are also working on ways to detect when restaurants are very busy and may experience delays so that we can help you arrive at the right time.

Can’t find customer or restaurant
The second highest complaint for thumbs down ratings was not being able to find the restaurant or customer address.

We have now taken a few steps to make this better. We have updated our restaurant location data with Google locations making it more accurate.

We also introduced smarter swipes, where, if the location for the restaurant or customer is wrong, you can show us where the actual pick-up and drop-off location is.

Using this feature will help us to continuously improve our data.

Can’t reach customer
Our latest feature in the app was also designed as a result of your feedback.

You were always letting us know how frustrating it is when you’re waiting outside to give the customer their order but you can’t get hold of them!

So, you can now send a push notification to the customer to let them know you’re outside. If you’re still waiting, you can then let them know you’ve left the order in a safe place for them.

Distance-based fees
We saw that longer distances were getting rejected more frequently. Enabling longer distances allows us to offer better restaurant selection to our customers, meaning happy customers and more orders available to you!

So we sent out a survey out to understand how we could make this experience better for you and the majority of riders told us that you wanted to be paid more for these longer distances.

We got to work and introduced distance fees, offering fairer, distance-based fees, along with a new order screen to show you the full journey up front.