Tech round-up: what do customers see?

As a rider you’re familiar with the app notifications you receive, but how much do you know about what our customers see when they order?

A few months ago we covered what the restaurant sees. This month, we wanted to lift the lid on customer orders, and show you what they see throughout their order and your delivery journey.

What does a customer see when they order?

When a customer places an order, they see the live order tracker in their app (or on the website), and also receive notifications on what stage their order is at.

Each notification is triggered by signals from your app, such as when you reach the restaurant, you’ve marked the order as collected, or you’re within a few hundred metres of the customer’s address.

Here’s a taster of the notifications for a normal order journey.

Customer notifications

Of course, there will be variations, such as if the restaurant is keeping you waiting. We keep the customer informed of any delays to their delivery.

What happens when I can’t find the customer?

If you’ve tried to call the customer without any luck, and decide to send a notification, we’ll let the customer know that you’re looking for them.

We know that you might be in a hurry, but please stick around for a few minutes – the chances are they’re coming to find you!

If you then need to leave the order somewhere, we’ll also let the customer know exactly where it’s been left, and how long you waited. Here’s what our customers see:

Can't find customer

You can see how important it is that any signals you send to the customer are accurate.

We want to make sure that deliveries are efficient for everyone, so in the future we’ll be looking at ways to make sure that location information can flow more easily from you to the customer, and how we might make it easier for you and the customer to contact each other.