5 benefits of switching to an electric scooter or motorbike

  1. Never pay for petrol again
  • Electricity costs around 1p per mile, 10 times less than petrol
  • Batteries recharge from standard 3-pin plug sockets and many e-scooters and e-motorbikes have removable batteries you can easily carry inside your home
  • There are also more than 1,100 compatible public chargers across the UK
  1. Save money on maintenance and worry less about breaking down
  • No oils, no filters, no spark plugs, no valves, no clutch, no gears, no final drive…
  • Modern electric motors are simple and can run for years with no routine servicing
  • Just replace brakes and tyres as required (lots of models don’t even have a chain)
  1. Go further and faster than you think
  • Depending on the size of the battery you can go up to 80 miles before recharging
  • Few riders travel more than 80 miles in one go so going electric will work for most
  • The less miles you need to do on a single charge, the less you need to pay for an e-scooter or e-motorbike, as the battery is the most expensive part
  • Most models go up to 30-50 mph – the average speed on urban roads is 18 mph – and acceleration is surprisingly quick
  1. Avoid taxes, tolls and restrictions
  • Users of e-scooters and e-motorbikes don’t have to pay road tax, which will continue to increase for petrol vehicles as the government works to reduce air pollution
  • In April this year London will be introducing a new Ultra Low Emission Zone, in addition to the existing Low Emission Zone and recently implemented T-Charge
  • While most riders using scooters and motorbikes will not be affected for now, it’s clear that in the near future London and other cities across the UK will take further action to discourage the use of petrol vehicles and incentivise electric alternatives
  1. Do your bit for the environment

Did you know Deliveroo offers discounts with these partners?

Did you know the government subsidises e-scooters and e-motorbikes?

  • All of the models listed on this page receive a 20% subsidy from the government
  • They must have a minimum 3 year battery and electric drivetrain warranty
  • The discount is applied by the dealer so you don’t need to fill out any paperwork

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