Changes at Swiss Cottage Editions

July 2019

It’s important that Deliveroo makes a positive impact on the communities we deliver in. Not only do we need to bring people their favourite food from London’s top restaurants – we also need to be a considerate partner to the communities that we work in. 

We’ve been working with the council and local residents to address neighbour concerns at our Swiss Cottage Editions site. We’ve run incentives for silent, electric vehicles, and we’ve introduced new systems to manage traffic. 

Unfortunately we face unique challenges at our Swiss Cottage Editions site and have been asked by the local council to make changes. 

From Wednesday 3 July:

  • Our Editions site in Swiss Cottage will become a new free login zone – SWC
  • Orders from SWC will only be offered to riders using a bicycle or electric vehicle
  • Petrol scooters and cars will no longer be offered orders from Swiss Cottage Editions

We know that for petrol scooter riders and car drivers this change may be disappointing. But it is necessary to ensure that we continue to have a positive impact on our community, and that we can continue to offer riders orders from Editions. We’re truly sorry for any inconvenience it causes. 

What do I do next?

If you use a petrol scooter or car: fortunately there are hundreds of other restaurants across BEL, HAM, CKT and ISL, and whenever you’re online you’ll still be offered orders from these restaurants as normal.

If you want to continue collecting orders from Swiss Cottage Editions you can switch to using an electric vehicle.  

Using an electric scooter or electric bicycle you could save up to £100 per month compared with a petrol scooter – there’s no fuel to pay for, and with many of our electric vehicle partners you get free insurance, maintenance and recovery. See more below.

If you choose to switch vehicle just let us know at We’ll update your account to a bike or electric vehicle, and you can continue to collect orders from Swiss Cottage Editions. 

If you’re a bicycle or electric vehicle rider: you can collect orders from Swiss Cottage Editions by going online whenever you want to work – and make sure your zone is set to SWC. Until July 31 we’re also offering an extra £2 per order.

Switch to electric and save

We’ve partnered with several electric vehicle providers to give you access to discounted rental deals. Plus, until 31 July all orders from Swiss Cottage Editions include an extra £2 added to your fee!


  • E-moped rental
  • £11 for 6-hours or £100 for one week
  • Pick up a fully charged e-moped that lasts you a 6 hour session
  • Price includes food delivery insurance, helmet and delivery box
  • Book via the Elmovo app and pick up from Swiss Cottage Editions

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  • E-moped rental
  • £89 per week, minimum term 4 weeks
  • Free week included when you book for 12 weeks
  • Price includes delivery insurance, servicing, phone mount, USB phone charging
  • Visit or call 020 7859 4564

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