Sponsorship: Pedal the Pond

Paddy, Hec, Henry and Max have set a groundbreaking challenge, motivated by a desire to get people talking about their mental health. They are pedaling crossing the Atlantic in a pedalo to raise £200,000 for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. We asked them a few questions about their inspiration and preparation.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you are working to achieve

We are four young men aged 25 living and working in London. I am a deliveroo rider as my part time second job. In January, our Pedalo team, will be heading off to set 3 World Records, by becoming the youngest, fastest and first 4 man to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a Pedalo! Our route will be from La Gomera to Antigua a staggering distance of 3,000 miles. We are lucky enough to be able to work with the skilled team at Rannoch Adventure, who are market leaders and innovators in the industry from ocean to Olympic rowing and together we have meticulously designed a Pedalo and have now laid down the money for building of the boat.

What is your drive behind this project?

Crucially, our mission is to is to raise awareness and £200,000 for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, in aid of Mental Health. As four young men, with our own insecurities we want to get people talking and remove the stigma surrounding mental health. You can learn more about the trust by visiting their website.

Why the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust?

The CWMT is a fantastic charity that helps make people aware of the signs of depression of their loved ones and anyone around them to help prevent suicide. Considering that suicide is the biggest killer in men under the age of 35 we believe that this needs to stop.

What has been the hardest part of the challenge for you so far?

Sponsorship has been the hardest part. Convincing people that we were pedaloing the Atlantic was very difficult and everyones imagines a pedalo with a slide of the back and a swan on the front. We felt like the Jamaican bob sleigh team must of done.

What type of training have you been undertaking for this?

We have had a PT who is the world record for rowing the Atlantic so he knows exactly what training we need to do. We have been doing weights and bike training 5 times during the week and then out on the boat most weekends as well. Its been pretty full on but we are nearly there now.

What can riders and people reading this do you support you?

Help spread the word to follow us across the Atlantic, we are going to have live footage sent back from boat. Any money people can afford to donate would go directly to the charity to help train GPs, Teachers and parents of the signs of depression.

If you would like to support the team you can donate via their justgiving page, You can also follow their progress through their Facebook page.