Parking around Gloucester Road

When collecting orders from restaurants in Gloucester Road, please make sure to park in the motorcycle bays on Harrington Gardens (opposite Gloucester Road) or Courtfield Road (between Gloucester Road station and The Bailey’s hotel). They’re marked in green on the map below.

Make sure not to park on double-yellow lines anywhere, and to follow parking and permit restrictions. That includes the double-yellow lines and permit parking around Stanhope Mews and Stanhope Gardens. Ignoring these restrictions is breaking the Highway Code and could mean getting a fine of up to £130.

Please also do not park on Stanhope Gardens, either outside Nando’s or anywhere on the opposite side of the road.

When you’re waiting for orders or making deliveries, remember to keep the noise down and be mindful of people living or working closeby. You can do your bit by turning off your engine when you’re parked up or stationary, and recycle or bin any rubbish.

Please also read through our post on ‘Deliveroo riders and the community‘ to make sure you’re working sociably in your area, particularly around where people’s homes are.