Manage your work using the new booking tool

Introducing a new way to book sessions in advance for hourly riders

The self-serve booking tool for riders gives you the flexibility to log in to any self-serve booking zones that have availability, as well as the option to book and cancel sessions for when you want to work – right inside the app.

Watch the helpful how-to video and get all the details.

Browse other zones

Self-serve booking allows you to choose to book sessions in advance or, where more riders are needed, go online the moment you want to start – giving you the freedom to fit work around your life.

Benefits of new system

Our new system can accurately predict customer demand and the number of riders required in any given place and at any given time. This means there are never too few riders to deliver a great service or so many that your earnings suffer.

There are some Free Login zones availability in the app where riders are able to go online at anytime but these are for fee-per-delivery riders only.

Zone maps

These zone maps will help you identify where it’s best for you to work:

How booking works

Sessions become available in booking zones one week in advance and are released in the app every Monday at 17.00.

Example: Sessions released for booking on Monday 2 October would cover the week beginning Monday 9 October.

Priority access

It’s also possible to gain priority access at 11:00 and 15:00. Priority access to booking is available to riders who provide the most consistent, quality service in each city.

This is determined based on a number of factors, including:

  • Attendance

    Percentage of booked sessions you’ve attended

  • Super-peak participation

    The number of sessions you’ve worked during the busiest periods

    SUPER-PEAK IS 19:00–21:00 ON FRI, SAT, AND SUN

  • Late cancellation

    The number of sessions cancelled on less than 24 hours’ notice.

You’ll see your numbers for these statistics in the app. They change each week based on how you’ve chosen to work and how your statistics compare to other riders in your area.

Release times

On Sunday mornings, the statistics are locked and you’ll receive a push notification with your release time for the next day.

Maximum bookable hours

To protect earnings and provide fair access to all riders, each rider ID can be used to book a maximum of 55 sessions every Monday. This limit applies to the rider ID – so captures you and any substitutes using your ID. At midnight, this temporary limit is then lifted. The total amount of sessions available for booking is determined by how busy we anticipate being with orders – this is to make sure there are always the right number of riders on the road.

Other new features


Going on holiday or have a change of plans? No problem, to cancel a booking go to the My Bookings screen, tap Change next to the relevant booking and turn off the switch on the pop-up modal. You can cancel a booking at any time.

Weekly requests

By tapping Request Weekly for a session, you automatically request to book the same session on that day/time for the weeks ahead. However, as order volumes change week on week, bookings aren’t guaranteed so you’ll find out if your ongoing request is confirmed each Monday when new sessions are released.

Once a booking is confirmed, you see a green Booked tag in the My Bookings section of the app. If you don’t attend a booking, the system assumes this time no longer works for you and your recurring weekly request for that session will be cancelled.


If you want to book a specific session but none are available for your preferred zone, tap the Notify button to receive a push notification if that session becomes available. Notifications are sent at 11:00, 15:00 and 18:00 each day.

If you’d rather not be notified, you can also check back throughout the week to pick up extra sessions as they become available. Alternatively, you may decide to free login or book in another zone which has availability.