Charity sponsorship ride

Scott Mckenzie took part in our 2018 sponsorship scheme and wrote about his journey cycling from John O Groats to Lands End; a World Record first! Here’s his story:

“Dig Deep Kenya is a charity which is very important to me as my family has a deep connection with Africa; seeing first hand the conditions in which people born into certain communities have to deal with. We can all do our bit and this is what has motivated me to put time and effort into this cause.

“As for the ride, it was much more difficult than I could have ever imagined! I’d only done one big bike ride before, whereas this was 100 miles a day, every day! The first few days from the tip of Scotland were great. My body was feeling good, the sun was shining, the scenery was stunning.

“On the fourth day, however, things took a turn. I had just passed Glasgow with over 600 miles to go and with a knee injury I was in agony with every turn of the pedals! On this day I managed 119 miles from Loch Lomond to Carlisle. I did everything I could to help my knee such as using a lake as an ice bath, foam rolling and stretching, but it just got worse from this moment on. Fortunately my 74 year old grandad is a keen cyclist and he drove up to Carlisle with my mum to do the next 96 miles with me and give moral support!

“From here it was a huge mental battle to Lands End. I cycled 113 miles from Warrington to Hereford in awful weather conditions and developed another injury in my other leg, straining my inner quadricep! The last two days were the toughest as the wind reached 55 mph on the last leg! It was so strong I was actually blown off my bike twice! This, combined with my accumulated tiredness from waking up at 5:45am every morning and cycling for ten hours a day made for several mental breakdowns when I just wanted to give up. What kept me going was the constant stream of supportive messages from friends and family and their generous donations!

“14 miles from Lands End on the final day I felt a tear in my left leg. I was in absolute agony but I couldn’t give up at this point! We cycled round a corner in to the seaside town of Penzance and I saw Lands End in the distance. The weather was so extreme that the wind was smashing the sea into the promenade, soaking us in salty water.

“Great Britain threw everything it could at me on the final day but thankfully I got a second wind towards the end which hurtled me towards the finish line with the biggest feeling of achievement I have ever felt! As you can imagine the prosecco was flowing after this!”