Rider Relay - UK Food Tour

Friday 23 August-Tuesday 27 August

What's happening?

You’re probably a pro at delivering food within your zone, but how about delivering food from one end of the country to the other?

For the first time ever we're attempting a UK-wide rider relay, delivering orders from Glasgow all the way to London - sharing Britain’s most popular dishes across the nation.

How does it work?

The trip is divided into 11 parts - some completed by e-bike and others by e-scooter. There’ll be a different group of riders from each area completing a section of the route after picking up food from a local favourite.

By the end of the relay we’ll have a collection of some of Britain’s best dishes, all delivered by electricity.

We’ll be doing all of this on state-of-the-art e-vehicles - provided by our friends at Elmovo and ETT.

10:10 – We’re off from Glasgow – weather’s looking great for a day of cycling.

13:35 – We’ve just done our first switchover in Linlithgow – next stop Edinburgh.

16:10 – And we’ve arrived in at Illegal Jack’s in Edinburgh – that’s day one over. Roll on tomorrow.

7:30 – Starting out in Edinburgh. Alex, Alasdair and Marcos saddling up.

9:25 – Approaching the Scottish border. Check out these views though:

12:40 – In Berwick upon Tweed for the first handover today. Martyn and Ryan will be seeing us through to Newcastle.

16:45 – Quick pit stop in Alnwick, where Santi’s joining us. On to Newcastle.

21:30 – Long day, but we’ve just made it to Newcastle. Day 2 done.

5:45 – Early start, but there are sausage rolls to be picked up from Greggs in Newcastle.

08:15 – Marcelino and Tudor are taking us to Liverpool today. Today’s the first day on e-scooters. Here they are checking out their new bikes.

09:25 – We’re making great time – way ahead of schedule. Time to stop in Halifax to lend a hand to some boaters on the canal.

Helping a canal boat

12:05 – Next stop at Almost Famous in Manchester. We’ll stop here for lunch and to pick up the next food for the relay – the amaaazing This is Manchester burger.

17:30 – We’ve made it to Liverpool where we’ve got a warm welcome from the lovely folks at Fodder Canteen. Greeted like family with a lovely bowl of scouse and Wet Nelly (we didn’t know what it was either, but trust us it’s good).

8:00 – Setting off from Liverpool with today’s gang – Daniel, Phisit, George, Callum and Robbie will be taking us to Birmingham. Today’s the longest distance we’ll be covering in one day as part of the relay – 116 miles. Game faces on.

Liverpool team

11:10 – Quick break in Northwich. Let’s take this chance to have a closer look at what we’re working with today.

ETT e-bike

  • These are electric pedal-assist bikes provided by ETT. This means there’s a rechargeable battery with a motor that assists you while pedalling.
  • 80 – 120km range, and rechargeable using any standard mains power outlet.
  • Comfortable, puncture protected tyres and hydraulic disc brakes for swift stopping.
  • Classed the same as a pedal bike – no licence, registration plate or motor insurance required.

ETT offers e-bike rental in London – but we’re hoping to see loads more schemes like this all round the country. Keep an eye out for e-bike rentals near you.

14:40 – We’re in Stoke on Trent to pick up some fish and chips and hand over to the next riders. Now we’re in the capable hands of Fabio and Charles.

20:10 – Made it to Birmingham. Day 4 is done – just one more to go!

Indioz in Birmingham

5:20 – We’re off for the final day. Early start from Birmingham – on to Oxford.

8:15 – Cesar’s all set up on his e-scooter and ready to go. Oxford > Reading.

Cesar at Ole and Steen

10:50 – Let’s have a closer look at what Cesar’s riding this morning.


  • These electric scooters are roughly equivalent to 50cc – meaning you just need a CBT to ride them.
  • About 6 hours of use off a full battery, and rechargeable using any standard mains power outlet.
  • Almost silent, with no rumble while you’re riding for a completely smooth journey.
  • These e-scooters are provided by Elmovo, who offer rentals at just £11 for 6 hours – and that includes food delivery insurance!

Elmovos are only available in London at the moment, but we’re hoping they’ll be available in more cities soon!

11:30 – Stop off at Reading Editions where Cesar’s handing over to Milen, Katerina and Dylan. They’ll be hopping back on the e-bikes through to London.

14:10 – Just left Windsor – it’s the final leg! Just a couple of hours to London!

18:10 – That’s it! We made it! London to Glasgow is officially done.

Finishing the relay

Thanks to all the riders who joined us on this journey – it’s been great fun seeing all of these new sights, trying all this new food, and chatting to restaurants across the country with you. We’ve loved being out on the road and hearing all the stories you have to tell. Can’t wait till next year!