Rider Relay - UK Food Tour

Friday 23 August - Tuesday 27 August

What's happening?

You’re probably a pro at delivering food within your zone, but how about delivering food from one end of the country to the other?

For the first time ever we'll be attempting a UK-wide rider relay, delivering orders from Glasgow all the way to London - sharing Britain’s most popular dishes across the nation. We're looking for riders to be a part of this incredible journey.

How does it work?

The trip is divided into 11 parts - some completed by e-bike and others by e-scooter. There’ll be a different group of riders from each area completing a section of the route after picking up food from a local favourite.

At the end of each section riders will hand the food to the next group. By the end of the relay we’ll have a collection of some of Britain’s best dishes, all delivered by electricity.

We’ll be doing all of this on state-of-the-art e-vehicles - provided by our friends at Elmovo and ETT.

Where are we going?

  • Day 1 (23 Aug) – Glasgow to Edinburgh
  • Day 2 (24 Aug) – Edinburgh to Berrick Upon Tweed
  • Day 2 (24 Aug) – Berrick Upon Tweed to Newcastle
  • Day 3 (25 Aug) – Newcastle to Leeds
  • Day 3 (25 Aug) – Leeds to Manchester
  • Day 3 (25 Aug) – Manchester to Liverpool
  • Day 4 (26 Aug) – Liverpool to Stoke-on-Trent
  • Day 4 (26 Aug) – Stoke-on-Trent to Birmingham
  • Day 5 (27 Aug) – Birmingham to Oxford
  • Day 5 (27 Aug) – Oxford to Reading
  • Day 5 (27 Aug) – Reading to London

No, we’ll have up to three riders for each leg as well as a cycling coach, and a support vehicle.

E-bikes make cycling a lot easier, but because of the tight timings we ask that you’re able to cycle for around 4 hours (with some breaks).

Don’t worry – we’ll give you a lift back to the start of your leg.

Yes, we’ll pay you for your time.

We’ll let you know if you’ve been successful in plenty of time, so just don’t book any shifts for that day.

We’ll provide refreshments, but bring whatever fuels you best. You’ll also need a fully-charged phone to help follow the route.

If you can make your own way to the start point you’re welcome to take part.


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