Refer a Friend

Current referral fees

Refer a friend and you’ll receive a bonus when they complete 30 orders within 60 days of applying.

Please note there is no bonus for those being referred, and that we will only be onboarding weekend riders (meaning they will only be able to log in on weekends).

The referral fees below are valid from 22nd February to 15th June.


CityYou get...
Bury St Edmunds£50
Welwyn Garden City£50
Haywards Heath£50
Bognor Regis£50
Ellesmere Port£50

Make extra money for referring friends

Think you know someone who’d be a great Deliveroo rider? Refer friends to ride with Deliveroo and make some extra money!

Step 1

Settle down in a comfy chair

Step 2

Head to the Referrals section in the rider app to find your unique Rider code

Step 3

Share it with your friend and tell them to enter it when they apply

Step 4

Get a little thank you from us!

Referral FAQs

Share your referral code with your friend, and make sure they use your referral code on their initial application form.

Your referral code is found in the ‘Referrals’ section in the rider app

Only one referral code can be used by each applicant. If your friend applies to ride with Deliveroo more than once, using more than one rider’s referral code, only the referral code on the accepted application will be used. That means if your referral code isn’t the one on their accepted application, you may still see it listed in your app, but you won’t be eligible for referral fees.

The referred rider needs to successfully complete 30 orders within 60 days of onboarding for you to be eligible for the referral reward

Up to 50 per year – but many as you want in total.

It can take up to 2 weeks to receive the payment following the completion of the referred rider’s 30th order

It can take up to 2 weeks to process referral fees – so don’t panic if you don’t receive it immediately.

If you haven’t received it soon after, please fill out a fee query form and one of the team will look into it.

Make sure your friend didn’t apply more than once using multiple referral codes – if they did, their accepted application might not be the one with your referral code on.

‘Referrer’ is a current rider signed up with Deliveroo
‘Applicant’ is someone applying to ride with Deliveroo

Referrers may be eligible for a referral payment for each new Applicant who uses their referral code when applying, provided the Applicant completes a certain number of deliveries in a certain time.

The amount to be paid will depend on the city the Applicant rides in and the vehicle the Applicant uses.

The amount payable is the amount that was advertised by Deliveroo at the time the application was received by Deliveroo from the Applicant.

Current referral payments are listed here: – these are subject to change at any time.

The Applicant must enter a valid referral code on their application form to be eligible for payment.

The Applicant must have not worked with Deliveroo previously.

The Applicant must onboard and complete 30 deliveries within 60 days of applying.

Each rider can refer a maximum of 50 Applicants per year.

Use of Deliveroo’s logo, branding, website or other intellectual property is not permitted in relation to this referral scheme or otherwise.

Referral payments will not be made to anyone who does not meet these terms, or is believed to be abusing the scheme