Order incentives

At certain times and places we offer extra order incentives to make sure riders always make great fees. These incentives are reviewed on an ongoing basis and change in line with customer demand.

You can see a list of the latest order incentives below. Order incentives only apply to fee per delivery riders.

In zones where an incentive applies we’ll offer you 2 orders in every hour, averaged over the pay period.

But if you get offered fewer than 2 orders per hour, we’ll make up the difference with 2 orders at the amount shown below.

You can still choose to reject any orders you don’t want to deliver, but as these were offered to you, you won’t get extra fees for them.

If you have any questions about incentives please contact us.

Current order incentives

CityZoneIncentive per orderDates
DarlingtonDRG£4.5011-24 May
DarlingtonDRG£4.5025 May-7 June

How do order incentives work?

When an order incentive is available in your area, this means you’ll be offered a set number of orders per hour – averaged over each pay period.

If you’re offered fewer than the set number of orders, we’ll top up your fees for the missing orders in that time period. These will be added to your next invoice.

If you’re offered more than the set number of orders in that time, you’ll keep all the fees you make.

As always, you’re free to choose the orders you want to deliver and reject the ones you don’t want to do. This incentive counts the number of orders you’re offered. So, if you’re offered the set number of orders and you decide to reject, unassign or not complete them, you won’t get any extra fees as part of this order incentive. You’re also only eligible for the incentive while you’re online and able to receive orders.


How are incentives calculated?

Example 1 – The incentive is for 2 orders per hour. You work 20 hours in a pay period and get offered 40 orders.

Hours worked 20
Orders offered to you 40
Orders per hour 2 (40÷20)
Orders added to your invoice 0
Total orders on your invoice 40


Example 2 – The incentive is for 1.8 orders per hour. You work 10 hours in a pay period and get offered 15 orders.

Hours worked 10
Orders offered to you 15
Orders per hour 1.5 (15÷10)
Orders added to your invoice 3
Total orders on your invoice 18


How do order incentives work with stacked orders?

If you pick up a stacked order (two orders from the same restaurant), this incentive will apply to both orders.

When will you be paid fees from order incentives?

Any extra fees will be paid to you the usual way – every week on a Tuesday, with your invoice. You won’t see them on your Earnings screen, and you won’t have an option to claim incentives early with cash out.