New Year's Day 2019

To help you earn great fees this New Year’s Day with us we’re introducing a new type of fee boost that gets bigger when you deliver more orders!

 This fee boost will be available for all orders accepted in certain zones (see below for details) on 1 January 2019 between 12:00-22:00, and here’s how it works:

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The highest fee boost you earn applies to all the deliveries you’ve completed so far during the boost period. That means…

  • If you complete 12 orders you’ll get an extra £6.00 (12x£0.50)
  • But if you complete 13 orders you’ll get an extra £9.75 instead! (13x£0.75)

Unlike normal fee boost you won’t see these in the app, but you’ll see the extra fees as an adjustment on your next invoice on Thursday 3 January 2019.


Where is this incentive available?

This incentive is only available in BAL, BEL, BLW, BNC, BRM, BRS, BRX, CAM, CHI, CKT, CLA, CW, DAL, EAL, EC, FCH, FUL, HAM, ISL, LBR, LEI, MMS, MVK, NHP, SBU, SKC, TOO, VWP, WC and WIM.