Manchester: Trafford Centre

intu Trafford Centre (ECC)

When you’re arriving at restaurants in the Trafford Centre lots of routes to get in. Below we’ve supplied maps of the centre and the car park as well as directions to each restaurant (including the entrance to use). Click the images to see them full-size.

Parking – cars

On the map turn roundabout 5 to go between Orient 11 and 12 car parks. You’ll come to a T junction. This is where the security barrier is. You will see where it’s marked ‘taxis’, this is where you need to go – please park in the layby just through the barriers. Make sure that you wait for the barrier to be lifted by security, and do not follow other cars through.


Please do not also park in the taxi rank which is further around, or anywhere where there are double yellow lines. Remember that parking on double yellow lines is a breach of the Highway Code and may result in a fine.

Shopping centre map

How to get to the restaurants