Local guide: Elland Road

Delivering to Leeds United Football Club

We’ve partnered with Leeds United to bring great food to hungry match-goers at home games. We’ve also secured a prime spot to make your deliveries to Elland Road as easy as possible.

You’ll know that you’re delivering to Elland Road when you see orders to:

  • The Bremner Suite
  • Elland Road
  • Fullerton Car Park

To deliver to the stadium, go to the Fullerton Road Car Park entrance. Security will let you through, then head towards the back right, like on this map:

Elland Road

You’ll see the teal Deliveroo banners at the back steps, like in the picture below. From here, they go down the steps and to the Bremner Suite side door (next to the blue railings), where you’ll meet the customer.

Deliveroo at Elland Road