Understanding what insurance you need

If you want to start riding with Deliveroo, it’s very important that you have the right insurance in place. If you don’t have the right cover for food delivery work, you won’t be protected if an accident takes place during a session. More importantly, you won’t be driving on the road legally during the time you’re working.

When it comes to insurance, you’ll come across the terms: ‘Social, Domestic & Pleasure’ and ‘Hire & Reward’. You need to have both when working with Deliveroo, but what’s the difference between them?


Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P)Hire & Reward (H&R)
  • Scooters and cars need it
  • Covers you any time you’re not delivering orders
  • Legal requirement for every vehicle on the road
  • Scooters and cars need it
  • Covers you only when you’re delivering orders
  • Required when working with Deliveroo

Social, Domestic & Pleasure

Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance, often written as SD&P for short, is standard insurance that covers you for the everyday use of your vehicle. It covers you for the times when you’re not using your vehicle for your work. So whether you’re going to the shops, driving to visit a friend or you’re off on a day out, you’re covered under your Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance.

Even if you only use your vehicle for your work, you still need to have SD&P insurance in place. That’s because it’s a legal requirement for any vehicle that has not been declared off-road.


Hire & Reward

Your SD&P insurance does not cover you for your food delivery work with Deliveroo. If you’re delivering food in return for payment, you’ll need to have Hire & Reward cover as well as your SD&P.

Hire & Reward, often called H&R for short, is the specific type of cover that Deliveroo riders need to have in place in order to carry out food deliveries in a car or on a scooter. It covers you during a session of completing deliveries. In other words, it covers you when you use your car or scooter for work.

You can buy H&R insurance from many companies – including Zego. Zego’s app integrates with the Deliveroo rider app, so you’re only charged from when you accept an order to when you mark it as delivered. You can read more about Zego’s insurance here.


What insurance does Deliveroo provide?

When working with Deliveroo riders and your substitutes are covered by:

  • Free personal injury and income protection (all riders)
  • Free public liability (covers cyclists all the time, and scooters/cars when they’re walking to pick up or drop-off an order)

You can find out more about this free insurance cover here.