Get £30 off your first Fat Llama rental

Fat Llama is the platform for renting items such as bicycles, scooters and more, from people near you. Get exclusive Deliveroo only benefits to save money and ride when you need.


We’ve partnered with them to give our riders an exclusive offer and priority service, which includes:

  • £30 off your first rental — that’s enough to rent one of their thousands of bikes for up to 5 days
  • If you choose to become a lender you will get ‘Reliable User’ and ‘Super Lender’ badges. This means you will have increased visibility on the site, which will mean you get more rental requests — and ultimately earn more money
  • Skip the queue when lending or borrowing with a dedicated account manager  and a dedicated support line for immediate help and advice

Claim this exclusive offer though Portify. If you don’t have Portify yet, get your account here. If you already have Portify on your phone, tap here to open it.