Boost your fees the more you deliver

We’re offering a new type of incentive until Sunday 25 August. Choose to complete orders consecutively and we’ll add extra fees.

Choose to:

  • complete 5 orders in a row – make £2 extra
  • complete 10 orders in a row – make £6 extra

This incentive runs from Monday 22 July-Sunday 25 August, and applies to the number of orders delivered in a row – that means the incentive will stop counting each time you reject or unassign an order. (It also means that stacked orders count for 2!)

The incentive runs across each fee period (that’s Monday-Sunday). So if you deliver 8 orders in a row and then log out, you can still claim the incentive for 10 orders by accepting your first 2 orders on your next session that week.

And there’s no limit on the number of times you can collect this each week – accept 20 orders in a row and you’ll get the 10 order incentive twice.

These extra fees won’t appear in your app, so you won’t be able to claim then through cash out. They’ll be added to your invoice each week as normal.