Boost your fees the more you ride

At certain times and places we offer extra order incentives to make sure riders always make great fees. These incentives are reviewed on an ongoing basis and change in line with customer demand.

For every order you complete in the zones listed below, we’ll add extra to your fees – meaning you can boost your earnings the more you ride.


Current incentives

CityZoneExtra fee per orderDates
LondonCLH£3.408-21 July
CoventryHOL£2.008-21 July
ManchesterCHH£2.508-21 July
Stratford upon AvonSUA£0.408-21 July
HitchinHIT£1.008-21 July
Burton upon TrentBTR£2.308-21 July
ChesterfieldCHF£1.408-21 July
ManchesterKEA£4.408-21 July
LondonBAN£2.708-21 July
BradfordBRD1£3.408-21 July
BelfastBTE£0.908-21 July
SouthportSTH£0.308-21 July
LondonMTC£0.608-21 July
NottinghamWBR£2.308-21 July
LondonSID£1.808-21 July
LondonEPS£0.808-21 July
HarlowHRL£4.808-21 July
GlasgowPSL£4.408-21 July
ShrewsburySHR£0.108-21 July
BasildonBSL£1.208-21 July
LondonRSL£0.208-21 July
AshfordASH£0.708-21 July
MansfieldMNS£1.808-21 July
DartfordDRT£1.208-21 July
BlackburnBLR£3.408-21 July
NottinghamARND£2.208-21 July
NuneatonNUN£0.808-21 July
LondonROM£0.908-21 July
LeedsHEA£0.308-21 July
Royal Leamington SpaWAR£0.808-21 July
LeedsBEE£0.608-21 July
LondonBWD£0.308-21 July
StainesSTAI£0.508-21 July
BirminghamNLB£2.208-21 July
StevenageSTEV£0.708-21 July
BirminghamDDY£1.308-21 July
ManchesterSLE£4.408-21 July
GraysGRY£0.508-21 July
EdinburghLTH£0.608-21 July
ManchesterAUL£0.808-21 July
TorquayTQY£2.508-21 July
LondonELT£1.208-21 July
DerryDRY£4.208-21 July
BirminghamWOL£1.308-21 July
Ellesmere PortEP1£0.208-21 July
MiddlesbroughMID£2.308-21 July
LondonSHW£1.208-21 July
Hemel HempsteadHEM£0.508-21 July
HullHUL£1.608-21 July
HuddersfieldHUD£1.608-21 July
RotherhamRTHM£0.308-21 July
DoncasterDON£1.608-21 July
LondonWLW£1.708-21 July
LondonBARK£1.508-21 July
WorthingWRT£0.508-21 July
LondonCGF£1.408-21 July
LondonSWF£0.808-21 July
WindsorSLO£0.408-21 July
EdinburghEDM£3.408-21 July
Stoke-on-TrentSOT£2.008-21 July
GloucesterGLO£0.208-21 July
Perth- ScotlandPER£0.308-21 July
ManchesterBOL£2.208-21 July
GlasgowRNF£5.408-21 July
LondonORP£0.908-21 July
WarringtonWRG£1.408-21 July
Stoke-on-TrentHAN£2.208-21 July
LondonEMS£2.308-21 July
AberystwythABR£2.508-21 July
StirlingSTI£0.908-21 July
LondonSTAN£1.608-21 July
ChathamCHA£1.208-21 July
InvernessINV£0.908-21 July
FarnboroughFRH£0.508-21 July
BirminghamWLSL£2.508-21 July
LondonRNP£0.408-21 July
LondonFLT£1.608-21 July
LondonSWN£0.908-21 July
LondonPIN£1.308-21 July
LondonPGS£0.808-21 July
PrestonPRSN£1.808-21 July
BedfordBED£1.108-21 July


How are incentives calculated?

If you complete 5 orders each day of the week where we’re offering £1, that’s 35 orders – meaning we’ll add an extra £35 to your invoice (£1 for every order completed). That’s on top of your normal earnings!

The incentive counts orders in each fee period (that’s Monday-Sunday), and runs for the dates listed above. For an order to count, it needs to be picked up from a restaurant inside the zone, and must be completed. Order incentives only apply to fee per delivery riders.

Any extra fees will be paid to you the usual way – every week on a Tuesday – with your invoice. You won’t see them on your Earnings screen, and you won’t have an option to claim incentives early with cash out.