Rider Lunch with Will

Last Friday was a very exciting day at our new Deliveroo headquarters in London. It was the very first Rider Lunch with Will. Riders came along to connect with others from the Roo Community, and meet our CEO and Co-founder Will Shu for a bite to eat.

Will welcomed 15 riders to the office from all over the UK, from Aberdeen to Chichester. Together, they all had a good natter over a Deliveroo feast. The group chatted all things Deliveroo – from Will’s start-up story and ideas for Deliveroo’s future, to tales about their best (and funniest) moments on the road.

Here’s what one rider had to say about the event…
“Seeing what lies beyond our rider app was a really enjoyable experience. For me personally, it added a sense of scale to the Deliveroo operation worldwide. The Roo HQ is a building which feels alive with ideas and innovation – making me excited for the future of the company, especially new features orientated around riders.”

“The group of riders bonded instantly, each of us with our own tales from the road. Hearing how Will came to form Deliveroo made for a compelling story. The entire afternoon added a human face to what otherwise I would have simply seen as an app.” [Neeley, Aberdeen]

“After arriving at the Deliveroo HQ, my first impressions were “wow!”. Everything was so relaxed and I felt at ease. Meeting Will was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the background of the company as well as various humorous stories of being a rider. Overall an incredible experience.” [Calum, Tunbridge Wells]

Work is underway to plan the next event so look out for your next chance to apply.