Earn an extra £1 per order using an electric scooter

Starting today for the next 3 months, riders using a GreenMo e-scooter will receive an extra £1 for every order delivered from the Swiss Cottage Editions site (BEL zone). This will automatically be added to your invoice.

Hint: there are more than 20 brands operating at the Swiss Cottage Editions site and they all have the postcode NW3 6HY.

If you’re already renting an e-scooter from GreenMo, just keep a lookout for Editions orders and make an extra £1 for each one you deliver!

Want to rent from GreenMo? You can find the GreenMo deal on Portify, our perks platform. If you already have Portify, just open that app in your phone and select ‘Deals’.  If you don’t have an account sign up here.

Take a look at GreenMo’s T&Cs here.