E-scooter rental via mobile app

Renting an electric scooter has just got easier.

We’ve collaborated with Elmovo to bring you electric scooters that you can collect via their app!

Available to rent from 0900-1500 and 1730-2330 at  £1.83 per hour – pay for as little as six hours with no long-term commitment.

Here’s how it works:


1. Download the Elmovo app (IOS and Android).

2. Use mobile phone to take a selfie with driving license, passport photo style selfie, photos of front and back of driving license and proof of address, plus a screen shot of your rider ID from your Deliveroo rider app.

3. At the time of opening the account and periodically thereafter the driving license will be checked with the DVLA.


1. A short visit, in person to one of the Elmovo hubs to be familiarised with the scooter, how the system works and rider safety points.

2. A one time deposit of £150 which will held until the account is closed or used in the case of any damage caused by yourself, parking fines, or similar charges. It will be taken either by credit card authorisation or debit card payment.

3. At this point you’re approved to use the platform.


1. Book a scooter rental period using the calendar in the Elmovo app, choosing the day, location and either a lunchtime or evening slot.

2. Booking starts 2 weeks in advance and changes to bookings can be made up to 24 hours before the start of the rental period. In the last 24 hours new bookings can be made, but not changed or cancelled once confirmed.

3. Payment will be taken from the registered card at the end of the rental period.


1. When it’s time to pick up the scooter, the rider goes to the hub location specified in the booking. (The first rental station is located in Marylebone. There will be more locations coming in April in Battersea and Bethnal Green, so keep a lookout for our updates.) The app will provide the registration number of the scooter allocated to the rider (on the front panel and rear license plate) and the app will unlock the under-seat compartment.

2. The keys are located under the seat with a helmet, where there is a keyholder linked to the telematics that senses when the key is inserted. The scooter can be used like a regular scooter, turning it on and off with the key.

3. You’ll need to check for any damage and report any issues via the app, which will ask for details and photos. If there is severe damage which may affect riding the scooter safely, then the rider should call the helpline.

4. Unplug the scooter and you’re off.


1. The rider drops the scooter back to base – the hub it was taken from – no later than the end of the hire period.

2. It is parked in any space in the same orientation as when picked up (either front in or rear in). The keys and helmet are replaced under the seat and the scooter plugged in to charge.

3. The rental period is ended using the Elmovo app. If the scooter is not plugged in the rental period will not finish and a penalty payment will be charged. If the scooter is returned late a penalty payment will be charged.