Power up your deliveries with Bolt Bike

Power up your earnings with an electric bike – we’ve partnered with Bolt eBikes to give Deliveroo riders a weekly rental price of £39.50 per week.

The Bolt Bike is designed with riders in mind: a super comfortable ride with strong performance on hills and a battery that will last you the whole session.

But if you’re planning to get even more deliveries done you can rent a spare battery.


  • £39.50 per week (regular price £44.50 per week).
  • Price includes servicing and maintenance, battery charger and lock.
  • £175 refundable damages deposit.
  • 14 days’ notice required to terminate rental.
  • Range 30-60 km per battery depending on power assist setting; full charge time of 4 hours.
    • Spare battery available for an additional fee of £9.00 per week for ~25km charge or £13.00 for ~35km
  • Theft insurance available for an additional fee of £5.00 per week.

Questions? [email protected]

T&Cs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rzVNZsuLnFQob3DPntWkZID4wGW3Quhej21kik9GoLc/edit