Deliveroo is 5 years old today!

A message from Will:

Deliveroo is five years old today.

And I want to start by thanking you – our riders. There is no way we could have got this far without you.

I don’t look back often, but there are a few things that really stick out in my mind about the last five years:

First, we’re a community.

When I launched Deliveroo five years ago, it was just me and three other riders, my scooter, my phone, a few restaurants in London and a handful of deliveries. There was a lot of waiting around in Starbucks for orders. Fast forward five years, and there are now 15,000 of us riders. We’re a team, and we support each other. I’m really proud of that.

That’s why we at Deliveroo are going to continue doing everything we can to make your life better. We know you want the flexibility this type of work brings – and we will always defend that. But we also know you want more security – so we will continue to look at how we can offer you things like insurance. I’m not saying we’re perfect. We can always be better. But I want you know, we’re a team, and I will be looking out for you.

Today, I am happy to announce that we will soon be launching our Rider Awards – which will be a celebration of all the good that you do.

Second, although it’s been five years, we’re just getting started.

If I’m honest, I didn’t know Deliveroo would grow to where it is today. I started the company because I wanted customers to get great food quickly and clearly the market was much bigger than I had initially thought. Here are some extraordinary facts.

Deliveroo is Britain’s fastest growing tech company.
We now operate in 100 cities here, and with 15,000 restaurants.
Last year, we served enough burgers to fill six London buses, enough noodles to stretch to Sydney, and enough cupcakes to reach to the top of the shard and back.

As I look to the years ahead, I want us to get even bigger and better. I want us to become the greatest company in the world – serving great food to great people from you, our great riders.

And third, we’re here to serve.

When I started Deliveroo, our mission was simple: to serve people great food. That hasn’t changed. We are all about service.

Trust me. I know how hard it can be. It rains. People can be rude. You can’t find the front door. The bell doesn’t work. But let’s continue the great work for the NEXT five years as well!

And by the way, while I’m on the subject of serving our communities, let’s be proud that we donated £75,000 to the Help A Hungry Child appeal at Christmas.

This year is going to be another exciting year for Deliveroo. I can’t wait to see what we achieve and I couldn’t be more proud that you’re part of the journey.

As always, thank you for riding with us.

Deliveroo CEO and Co-founder