Deliveroo, riders and the community

We want to do the right thing by the communities where we work – and you can make a huge difference. This is why we have made five commitments to you, for example to offer you perks and to campaign for safer roads, which will help you get the most out of working with Deliveroo. In return, when you ride with us we expect you to ride safely and to make a positive contribution to the community in which you work.

Five ways you can support your community

Ride safely
However you travel, it’s important to always follow road safety rules, standards and procedures, including the Highway Code. We will not tolerate breaking road safety laws while working with us – including riding on one-way streets or footpaths, jumping red lights and using fixie bikes.

Treat others as you would like to be treated
We want to leave everyone with a smile on their face when they use or see Deliveroo. It is important to be professional, respectful and polite towards everyone you meet – whether that’s a customer or someone else along the way. If you’re aware of any riders behaving inappropriately towards other people, don’t hesitate to report this to us.

Keep the noise down
When you’re waiting for orders or making deliveries, remember to keep the noise down and be mindful of people living or working closeby. You can do your bit by turning off your engine when you’re parked up or stationary, and recycle or bin any rubbish.

In addition, while it’s great to catch up with your friends, remember that for some people, seeing a large group of riders can come across in a different way to seeing one rider on their own.

Go the extra mile
Delivering orders with care so that our customers’ favourite food reaches them on time and in the best possible condition will mean they’re more likely to use Deliveroo again, which will mean more work available for all riders. So, when you deliver a great customer service, this helps bring about more work and opportunities for you to earn in future.

Tell us what you think
Whether you have a safety concern or some general feedback about an order you’ve completed, we want to hear from you. Your views matters to us and we take action as a result of your feedback, to help make communities safer and improve your work as a rider. Share your feedback by rating your orders in the app or getting in touch with us.

Five ways we will support you

Your safety is our priority
We will do everything we can to protect your safety and help prevent, detect and report crimes against you. We work directly with the authorities to help them take action and bring you their safety advice.

Offer you great perks
Alongside flexible well-paid work, we want to offer you more security and the perks that matter most to you. That’s why we give you free personal injury and third-party liability insurance when you ride with us, as well as hyper-reflective safety kit and discounts exclusive for Deliveroo riders.

Campaign for safer roads
We are calling for better ways for you to travel to help make roads safer for you and others – including more cycle lanes. We’re also investing in new sustainable technology, like e-bikes, for you and our business.

Help you help others
We support riders who want to go above and beyond for charity, helping your efforts to go that much further for good causes. Deliveroo will help spread the word, offer sponsorship opportunities and organise activities like charity bike rides.

Make sure your voice is heard
We want to make sure you have your say about the way you work with us. Your feedback matters to us and we use it to help make improvements for you – inside and outside of Deliveroo – for example, in the app, safety procedures and policies. We’ll let you know about any changes we make as a result of your feedback.