Contact-free delivery

Update: From Sat 21 March, all deliveries in the UK will be contact-free.

How to make a contact-free pick up

We have asked all of our restaurant partners to use contact-free pick up for Deliveroo riders.

To enable contact-free pick up, many restaurants will:

  • Continue to properly seal all packaging and bags using tape or stickers
  • Create a waiting area for riders inside the restaurant where they can wait a safe distance away from each other
  • Create a waiting area for other riders outside the restaurant – riders should stay a safe distance away from other riders and staff while waiting outside even if there is no dedicated waiting area
  • Create pick up areas, as far from food preparation as possible, that means no direct contact between riders and restaurant staff will be required to pick up an order
  • Have someone from their team manage pick ups during busy times
  • Make sure that only 1 order at a time is collected from a pick up area
  • Make soap and water or hand sanitising gel available to riders whenever possible

Please make sure that you bring your thermal bag into the restaurant with you when picking up an order. You should always place the order in your thermal bag and seal it before leaving the restaurant.

Restaurant wait times may be impacted because of this exceptional situation, so we ask for your patience and understanding during this time. We also ask that you respect social distancing recommendations at all times and remain at least 2 metres away from others while you wait.

We continue to share COVID-19 guidance with all restaurant partners, and they have put their own measures in place to guard against the risk of infection for their employees, riders and customers.

How to make a contact-free delivery

Every time a customer places a new order, ‘Contact-free delivery’ will now be automatically selected. We have sent an email to our customers to tell them that all orders will be delivered this way from now on.

Follow these steps when making a contact-free delivery:

  1. Let the customer know you’ve arrived
  2. Leave the order outside the customer’s door
  3. Step back at least 2 metres and wait nearby for the customer to collect it
  4. Tap ‘Complete delivery’ only when you’ve seen the customer collect it

If the order contains age-restricted products like alcohol or tobacco, you should still follow Deliveroo’s Challenge 25 policy. Ask the customer to hold their ID up for you to check, but don’t take it from them.

Helping protect the safety of our riders, restaurant partners and customers is extremely important during this time. With this in mind, please make sure to follow this process with every delivery.  If we receive several reports about a rider not following Deliveroo’s contact-free policy, their Supplier Agreement may be terminated.

You should also clean your thermal bag regularly, and wipe it down before and after you ride – you can find more instructions on cleaning your kit here.

What should I do when delivering a pizza, or I have 2 orders in my thermal bag?

In cases where certain items would be difficult for a customer to remove from your bag without touching it, we recommend that you remove their order from the bag yourself and place it on the doorstep. Please wait for the customer to collect the food before tapping ‘Complete delivery’ in your app.

If you start to feel ill or test positive for COVID-19, follow all medical advice, do not log in and let us know immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated Rider Support team.