Calum and Oli ride 1000 miles for charity

We’ve recently sponsored riders, Calum and Oli, to cycle 1000 miles through Eastern Europe.

They are raising funds for charity, Centrepoint, which provides accommodation and support to young homeless people.

They sent us some photos and details about the trip:

The trip originated after meeting two homeless people near where we live. They had asked us for change which unfortunately we did not have, so we got talking to them instead, listening to their story of how they got into their position. We wanted to choose a charity that would support young homeless people so they would have a better chance at life. Centrepoint not only offers accommodation to the homeless, but also gives them life skills to get them back on track.

By the end of the trip we covered 1004 miles, going through 9 countries (North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary) in just 14 days.

Our original fundraising aim was £2000, £1 for every mile each of us completed. So far we have independently raised £1760.

We had some great moments along the trip with some incredible views. The second day consisted of a 4,343 ft climb (almost as high as Ben Nevis). Getting to the top was definitely a highlight, as we had some amazing downhills with the scenery getting better with every turn. Albania also left us stunned by its unspoilt beauty.

Having not seen many cyclists like us on the road, it became an aim to try and overtake one before the end of the trip. Often our motivation levels will go up and down, so it was a real boost as we overtook a ‘proper’ cyclist (lightweight bike and in full lycra). The look of disbelief on his face when seeing two Deliveroo riders going past carrying 20kg each made it an unforgettable moment!

Maybe one of the best parts of the trip however was meeting so many nice people who saw what we were doing and helped us out by giving us a room for the night or a free meal. In Austria for example we were given the floor space of a concert hall in a 4 star hotel which was a weird experience but definitely a highlight after a 130km ride that day.

Every time we work a Deliveroo shift, we see so many homeless people on the streets, but we can’t give them the help and support they need. With the money from Deliveroo, Centrepoint can make much more of an impact when tackling youth homelessness.

See some photos from their trip over on our Instagram.