Local guides: intu Merry Hill, Dudley

We want to do the right thing by the communities where we work – and you can make a huge difference by riding safely, parking courteously and making a positive contribution to the community.

We’ve been speaking with the staff at intu Merry Hill about the best way to collect orders safely and effectively, while working well with staff and customers in the centre. When collecting from intu Merry Hill, you should bear in mind some of the following advice:

  • Please remove your helmet while you’re in the centre
  • Please make sure you’re aware of backpacks and thermal bags while in the centre to make sure you’re not knocking anything over (this means carrying them while in the centre)
  • Please don’t cause any obstructions for customers by hanging around in the food court or car park areas

The centre staff have to keep safety safety as a top priority – this means you should cooperate with staff while they’re managing the centre. If you speak to staff members, please be prepared to let them know which restaurant you’re collecting orders from (including letting them know the order number).

This is all with the aim of creating a safe environment for everyone visiting the centre. Check out our Deliveroo, riders and the community article for more ways you can work with the community in Birmingham to deliver safely and effectively.