Today's bad weather

This information is for riders in Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Bournemouth, and Newport – Thursday 31 January 2019

Your safety is our priority and given we’re expecting very cold and snowy weather today, we want to make sure you can still make good fees while taking extra care on the road.

If you choose to work, you’ll receive a higher fee per order between 14:00 and 21:00 today in Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Bournemouth, and Newport so you can ride slowly and safely, and still make strong earnings.

You will be able to see these extra fees in the Planner section.

We’ll also reduce delivery distances so you can take your time and ride safely.

Of course if you can no longer complete an order you have accepted or choose not to deliver an order for whatever reason, please call Rider Support on 020 3699 9977 to be unassigned.

Finally, if you decide to cancel any sessions you have already booked today, we’ll amend your statistics as soon as possible.