Ask us anything - answers

Last week we called for riders everywhere to ask us anything – and ask you did! Thanks to everyone who posted a question or voted for someone else’s.

Here are the most popular questions you asked, and the answers straight from Deliveroo HQ.


Update (March 2018)

The ‘restaurant wait too long’ feature is now live in the app. You can read loads more about it here.

Answer (February 2018)

Yes. Long waits at a restaurant are without a doubt the most frustrating part of any order.

It’s also made worse if it takes a long time to get through to Rider Support to be unassigned.

Most orders run smoothly – but delays can happen. When they do, ideally you should have the ability to unassign yourself without calling us.

In the coming weeks we’ll be testing an in-app tool for fee per delivery riders to help you do this. This includes:

  • Live updates of when the order is likely to be ready (so you make an informed decision about whether to wait)
  • A timer of how long you’ve been waiting (because sometimes three minutes can feel like forever!)
  • Ping us about how long you’ve been waiting
  • Unassign yourself from the order – in the app, straight away

This is a major priority for our team and once the testing is completed (to make sure it works) in the coming weeks we aim to get it to you as soon as possible.

The order rating function (thumbs up / thumbs down) helped us to see that this was the most common reason for riders marking an order as ‘bad’. This helped us to build the solution quicker. Keep rating orders to help us improve the tools.


The short answer is – there are a lot of questions to get through.

Our team moves as quickly as possible, and most questions are answered within the day. But for trickier problems, it sometimes takes longer to find the best solution.

To get the quickest answer, make sure that you’re using the best channel for your query:

  • Call: the phone team can only help you with questions related to live orders. Call the team for help with any order you are currently working on – including unassignment, delays and emergency support. You can call the team on 020 3699 9977.
  • Email: Get in touch with us for help with issues that are not related to live orders – like problems and questions about your app or Supplier Agreement.
  • Fee questions: the quickest way to sort any queries about your fees is by submitting a fee query form here.

There is also a lot of information available in the FAQs on your app and the rider website – so have a look to see if we’ve already shared the information you need.

But long waits for a response are not OK. We watch response times closely to make sure you’re getting the information you need and when this starts to be delayed, we adjust the team and find solutions to speed it up.

We’re really sorry if you’ve had an experience that took too long to fix – we promise that we’re always working on this.


Update (June 2018)

If you’ve received a tip you’ll now be shown in the app before you deliver the order. Find out more here.

Answer (March 2018)

At the moment, customers add tips in the app when they pay which appears in your order summary after the delivery.

We think this is good because it means it’s less likely that a customer closes their app once the order arrives and forgets to tip. But the downfall is that tips can’t be added later once you’ve delivered a particularly brilliant and charming service.

We’re really interested in testing how this could work. Given that it’s a topic important to you guys, we’ve highlighted it with our tech team to think about how we could do this.


It’s often linked to the time that each order is made. The aim is to get both orders to the customer hot and on time.

It might sometimes feel like you pass one customer to get to the next but it’s all linked to when the order was placed, how long each item takes to prepare and each customer’s order arrival time.

We look for the most logical solution, but if stacked orders were delivered based on distance alone it would often mean a bad experience for both orders. The closest order would arrive early (the customer may not even be there) while the further away order arrives late and cold.

Ultimately this may lead to more delays for you.

Overall we’ve had really positive feedback about stacked orders as they do save time picking up at restaurants. But, we appreciate that the order of delivery can sometimes feel frustrating.

You can read more about how orders are offered to riders in this rider tech round-up.


There is. We totally get that there are situations outside of your control, which mean that sometimes cancelling a session 24 hours in advance isn’t possible.

For example, if sudden extreme weather or unsafe conditions force us to close the service, your statistics will never be impacted.

And if an emergency or exceptional situation, like a road accident, means you can’t work as you usually would, just let our team know and we’ll help to make sure that this is taken into account for your priority booking metrics.

When self-serve booking first launched, there was no statistic for 24-hour cancellation. Many of you were concerned that unlimited cancellation meant riders were booking more hours than they intended to work. All of the sessions booked up really quickly but with no need to cancel in advance, very few ever became available to book again if the rider chose not to work.

We took this feedback onboard and introduced the 24-hour cancellation statistic to help make it fairer. Now more sessions are available to book throughout the week.


We get a lot of feedback about some common issues with kit – in particular, we hear a lot about problems with the zip on the backpack. This is very annoying but please know that we are aware of it and we’re working to fix it.

Replacements are available for faulty kit, just get in touch with Rider Support.

We have a team dedicated exclusively to kit design – obsessed with how it looks, feels and wears over time.


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