Applicant FAQs

We're proud to offer flexible, well-paid work for thousands of riders across the country - below you'll find tips to help you get started riding with us.

To ride with Deliveroo you’ll need:

  • Proof of your right to work in the UK as self-employed
  • A smartphone – iPhone (iOS 10 and above) or Android (5 and above)
  • Your own vehicle (bicycle, scooter, or car) with the necessary safety equipment

You must also:

  • Be over 18
  • Have no unspent criminal convictions

Cars and scooters will also need food delivery insurance on top of regular motor insurance.

How much will I get paid?

Riders with Deliveroo work on a fee per delivery model, meaning you get paid for each delivery you make. The exact delivery fee varies per order and includes a variable distance fee. For more info about this, get in touch with our support team.

When will I be paid?

We process fees every week.

What kit do I need?

All riders need to have core kit that meets our minimum safety standards. Below you’ll find your kit laid out based on vehicle:

Bicycles Scooters Cars
  • Reflective jacket
  • Phone mount
  • Helmet
  • Small thermal bag
  • Insulated backpack
  • Reflective jacket
  • Phone mount
  • Small thermal bag
  • Insulated backpack
  • Two thermal bags, one of which should be minimum 36cm x 36cm x 43cm
  • Phone mount


You can get kit from the Deliveroo Kit Store – we’re currently running a special offer where core kit items are free! You can order these during your onboarding session or you’re welcome to purchase kit from a supplier of your choice. If you want use your own kit, please bring it along to your onboarding session so we can make sure it meets our minimum safety standards.

What are the minimum safety requirements?

Reflective jackets should be bright with incorporated retroreflective material, or separate retroreflective elements e.g. armbands or sleeves, to outline shape of and movement of body.

Thermal bags should be foil-lined, clean and hygienic with at least 1cm of insulating material to keep food warm as you deliver and be sealed with a zip. This bag must be at least 35cm x 26cm x 35cm.

Backpacks/Cargo boxes should be durable, foil-lined, clean and hygienic with at least 1cm of insulating material with a secure closing mechanism. They must have external reflective elements on all visible sides to ensure that it is seen by all road users at all times when on the road. Food cargo boxes and backpacks must have minimal internal dimensions of 36cm x 36cm x 43cm.

Phone mounts should attach to your vehicle and provide an ideal viewing angle gripping the phone firmly.

Helmets must be in good condition.

What documents do I need?

All applicants need to be able to provide:

  • Proof of your right to work in the UK as self-employed
  • A recent proof of your address (not from an online bank)

Applicants to ride with a car or scooter also need to provide:

  • UK/EEA driving licence (or provisional licence and CBT for scooters)
  • Proof of food delivery insurance

What documents show my right to work in the UK?

  • UK/EEA passport
  • EEA ID card (plus additional photo ID)
  • Non-EEA passport, with valid visa (including immigration status) or Biometric Residence Permit
  • UK birth/adoption certificate with National Insurance number

You can view a more detailed list of acceptable documents on our documents help page here.

What can I use as proof of address?

We find most riders are able to use one of the following as their proof of address:

  • A bank or credit card statement (this can be requested by calling or visiting your bank)
  • An original utility bill (excluding mobile phone)
  • A letter from the government (including HMRC or DWP)

All letters must show your full address and should to be recent (mostly within the last 3 months). You can also use your driving licence, as long as it matches your current address. You can read more about this on our documents help page.

What insurance do I need?

All scooter and car riders need to have insurance to cover use for hire and reward – this is on top of your regular vehicle insurance. We’ll need to see proof of your insurance before you start riding with us.

Your insurance should clearly state food delivery insurance or carriage of goods for hire and reward under the limitations of use.

We find many riders get insurance from the following providers, though of course you’re welcome to use any provider you like:

Zego provide pay as you go food delivery insurance. This is integrated with the Deliveroo rider app so you only pay for the insurance while you’re logged in. You can sign up for Zego if you’re over 21 years old. You can read more info at, or call them on 020 3308 9800.

MCE provide annual food delivery insurance. You can read more at, or contact them on 019 3335 1361.

When uploading your documents, the correct page that proves your food insurance is the certificate of insurance, or a cover letter for some companies. This page must contain a section stating the limitations as to use.

What does Deliveroo’s free rider insurance cover?

Every rider with Deliveroo is protected with personal accident and income protection insurance, completely free. This provides cover for injuries and protects you against the financial costs in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Cyclists are also covered by public liability insurance while working – and scooter and car riders are covered when they’re ‘off-vehicle’, for example, when walking to pick up and deliver orders. This protects you against claims made against you by other people, for their personal injury or property damage, as a result of an accident while riding.

You can view more information about this insurance cover, including policy terms and conditions, and excess fee details here.

Note: scooter and car riders will still need to have third-party liability insurance for their vehicle, as well as food delivery insurance.

You can download the rider app by searching Deliveroo Rider in the app store, or using these links: iOS | Android

To log in to the app

  • Enter your mobile number (the area code will already be filled in for you).
  • You will be sent a text with a security code.
  • Enter the security code in the box and tap Log in.

Remember: You won’t be able to log in to the app until all checks are complete – we’ll send you an email when this is done.

My checks are complete but I’m seeing an error message

When requesting your security code, make sure you’re using the mobile number registered with us. If you change your number please contact Rider Support.

You should also make sure you’re entering the number correctly – remember, the app will already fill your area code, so you shouldn’t add this.

Once you’ve checked all of this, try deleting and reinstalling the rider app.

If you still can’t log in, please get in touch with Rider Support.