App updates: smarter swipes and zone centres

Riding with Deliveroo means riding whenever and wherever you choose and being able to manage your own work with the rider app.

And to make it easier for you to manage your own work using the app, we’re adding some new features over the next few weeks:

Smarter swipes

When you reach each stage of an order, you swipe in the app to keep us updated with the progress. Now, you’ll just need to swipe ‘Arrived’ instead of ‘Arrived’ and ‘Confirmed’, when you’re near the restaurant or customer. The app will move to the next stage of the order automatically.

We’re making this change so that the app is easier for you to use when you’re on the move, and to improve the accuracy of our data so we can be better with our timing for future orders.

You’ll also be able to help us improve our restaurant location information by showing us where the correct restaurant pickup point is. Plus, if your own live location displays incorrectly in the app, you can tap the question mark icon in the top right corner to move to the next stage of the order.

Go online more easily

If you’re not sure where to go online, tap the map icon in the top right corner. The app will now show you a circle in the zone – just head inside the circle to go online and start being offered orders.