App update: can't reach the customer?

We know it’s not always easy to find the customer when you need to drop off their order. Maybe you can’t find their front door, or maybe you can’t get hold of them to say you’ve been waiting outside. We get this is frustrating, as time spent waiting is time that you could be earning.

When these delays are too long, you will be able prompt the customer to collect their order or leave it in a safe place. This means they get the food they’ve been looking forward to and you can move onto your next delivery.

You’ll see the ? icon in the top right-hand corner of the order screen. Select the ? icon and then “Customer not responding”, which shows you:

  • The estimated delivery time – so you can see when the customer is expecting you to arrive.
  • A timer – to show you how long you’ve been waiting so far.
  • The option to send a message to the customer so they know you’ve been waiting – they will get a push notification asking them to meet you to collect their delivery.
  • The ability to choose a safe place to leave their order – this option will become available after you’ve sent the customer a message and waited 10 minutes. The customer will then get a message so they know where you’ve left their food!