6 reasons to wear your kit

 When a hungry customer orders on Deliveroo, they’re looking forward to you bringing them a delicious, piping hot meal from their favourite restaurant. But once you collect the food from the restaurant, and it’s no longer on the cooker or under a heat lamp, it’s a battle against the weather to keep it hot – especially in the winter.

That’s why as part of the core kit we require, we include a thermal bag. It’s a requirement that you take the thermal bag into the restaurant (as you can see in the video you watched when you joined Deliveroo), but there’s plenty of other reasons why it’s a great idea – thermal bags play a big part in making sure customers are happy, here’s why:

1. Keep hot food hot:

When food arrives hot to a customer they get exactly what they want – their favourite food, just how the restaurant intended. No one likes a cold burger, limp chips or soggy pizza, so thermal bags are specially designed to keep hot food hot.

2. Separates food:

The thermal bag can also help separate hot and cold food. Pop the hot food in the thermal bag, and any drinks or cold snacks alongside it in the backpack.

3. Spillage:

As added protection, if a drink spills on the way to the customer (unfortunately it happens sometimes), the thermal bag is a bit more protection to stop the food getting wet.

4. More orders:

If we get 1, 2 and 3 right it means a great meal and a happy customer. If customers are happier they’re more likely to order from us again, which means more orders for you to deliver, and more fees on your invoice.

5. Food safety:

It’s not just about how the food tastes, but also about safety. Lots of food needs to be kept above a certain temperature to keep it safe to eat.

6. Be seen at the restaurant:

Deliveroo kit, like our thermal bag and jacket is designed to be seen. Not just by other road users, but by restaurants too. When collecting your order from a restaurant you’ll be more visible with your Deliveroo branded thermal bag, meaning you could get seen quicker and reduce your waiting time.

I need a new thermal bag

If your thermal bag is damaged, or looking worse for wear, we can send you a brand new one for free. Just fill in this form to send us some pictures of the damage, and we’ll be in touch soon.

Alternatively, you can buy a thermal bag from any other retailer. Thermal bags must have at least 1cm of insulating material and be sealed with a zip. This bag must be at least 35cm x 26cm x 35cm.