5 reasons to switch to an electric bike

  1. Deliver more orders, earn more fees
  • On average e-cyclists make at least £1.50 more in an hour than pedal cyclists
  1. Choose orders that make you more money
  • No need to turn down higher paid orders because they’re too far, an e-bike will go the distance
  • Never worry about a hill again, just sit back and let the motor do the hard work
  1. Ride further, faster, for longer
  • Depending on the size of the battery and the power setting you use you can go 100 miles or more before recharging, maintain a constant speed of 15.5 mph without tiring, and move away more quickly from traffic lights with rapid acceleration
  • The less miles you need to do on a single charge, the less you need to pay for an e-bike, as the battery is the most expensive part
  • Batteries recharge from standard plug sockets and are removable so you can easily carry them inside your home (or local coffee shop) without taking the whole bike
  1. Maintenance is easier and cheaper than you think
  • Most parts are just as easy to maintain as on a pedal bike and no more expensive
  • Electric motors can run for years with no routine maintenance
  • Batteries come with a warranty of up to 2 years
  1. Ride an e-bike as if it’s a pedal bike!
  • As long as an e-bike has a motor power of 250 watts or less and an assisted speed of no more than 15.5 mph (you can still pedal faster with your legs!) it’s legally the same as a pedal bike, so there are no additional rules or restrictions to worry about
  • Deliveroo’s free public liability, personal injury and income protection insurance is still valid if you’re using an e-bike (the only thing you might want to buy is theft insurance)

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