40% off cycle security locks from Hiplok

Always fighting with your lock to secure your bike? That’s why we’ve partnered with Hiplok to solve these issues. Hiplok create quality, innovative cycle security products, tested to the highest standard and designed for riding.

As a Deliveroo rider, you can claim an exclusive 40% discount on the following products:

  • LITE: Superbright (LT1SB)
  • ORIGINAL: Superbright (V150SB)
  • GOLD: Superbright (GLD1SB)
  • DX: Orange (DX1OR)
  • DX: Black (DX1AB)
  • D: Black (D1AB)
  • D: Lime (D1LI)
  • DC: All Black (DC1AB)
  • DXC: Grey (DXC1GY)
  • Z LOK COMBO: Black (ZCOM1AB)
  • Z LOK COMBO: Yellow (ZCOM1YL)

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