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Events, competitions, discounts… there’s a whole lot going on for Deliveroo riders. Keep up to date with the latest and greatest here.

Aug 2018 Deals at local businesses near you

Loads of freebies and discounts helping you save up 50%.

May 2018 Top tips for maximising your fees

Here are some of the best ways to earn more on the road.

May 2018 Deliveroo, riders and the community

We want to do the right thing by the communities where we work

May 2017 Perkbox: rewards for Deliveroo riders

Sign up and register to get deals and discounts from Perkbox

Nov 2018 Scottish Government e-bike loan to buy scheme

The Scottish Government are funding interest free loans to buy e-bikes.

Nov 2018 Tech round-up: hints and tips

Check out these ways to maximise your time while working

Nov 2018 Save money on our latest road safety deals

Take a look at these exclusive, Deliveroo-only discounts.

Nov 2018 Staying safe on the road

Simple tips to help you think about yourself and others whilst on the road.

Nov 2018 Staying safe on the road this winter

Tips and tricks to make sure that you’re prepared to ride safely.

Nov 2018 Help find a missing person this December

We’re partnering with Missing People UK and you can get involved.

Nov 2018 OpenClassrooms scholarship winners

Ten riders were selected for the OpenClassrooms scholarship.

Nov 2018 Four tips to keep your vehicle safe

Top tips from The London Metropolitan Police.

Nov 2018 Knowing when to swipe

Swiping at the correct time at each stage of your delivery helps us improve your experience, and lets the customer know when to expect you.

Oct 2018 Free miso soup, tea or coffee at Itsu!

Free miso soup, tea or coffee at Itsu when you collect in store.

Oct 2018 Tech round-up: Vehicle choice

Find out the factors that decide which rider gets offered each order.

Oct 2018 Hampstead: Heath Street

Information about parking restrictions in Heath Street.

Oct 2018 Horsham: Cycle maps

Information about riding around Horsham town centre.

Oct 2018 Hull: Margaret Moxon Way

Information about riding around the bus interchange in Hull.

Oct 2018 Edit your details in the app

Change your phone number and email without emailing Support

Sep 2018 Tech round-up: how the restaurant tablet works

Find out what the restaurant sees when you’re on an order.

Sep 2018 We’re supporting you with Ride and Learn

Online courses and degree qualifications now available.

Sep 2018 Our first ever Rider Awards!

We celebrated all the good that you do at our first Rider Awards.

Aug 2018 Tech round-up: app updates!

Rounding up some smaller tech updates

Aug 2018 Save up to £100/month on an electric scooter

An all-inclusive price of just £89 per week.

Aug 2018 Save a life – free first aid training

We’re working with the British Red Cross to provide first aid training

Jul 2018 Tech round-up: feedback loops

Find out how your feedback directly helps us improve

Jul 2018 Rory cycles from Land’s End to John O’Groats

Apply and you could receive charity sponsorship!

Jul 2018 Discounted £39.50 electric bike rental

Rent an electric bike for a discounted price of £39.50

Jul 2018 We’re launching in new areas across the UK

Refer new riders in these cities and you could earn up to £250

Jul 2018 We’re calling for more security for riders

We’re calling on the Government to allow us to directly provide benefits

Jul 2018 South Kensington: Gloucester Road

Motorcycle parking bays are available in Courtfield Road.

Jul 2018 2018 Deliveroo Rider World Cup

Last week we kicked off Deliveroo’s first ever Rider World Cup

Jul 2018 App updates: can’t reach the customer?

Prompt the customer or leave their food in a safe place.

Jul 2018 £100 off Askoll electric scooters and bicycles

Save 90% vs petrol with The Askoll ebikes and £100 off the RRP.

Jul 2018 Introducing distance-based fees

New fees are based on the distance and time each delivery takes

Jun 2018 Tech round-up: Getting the right number of riders

Find out how we use data to get the right number of riders on the road.

Jun 2018 Grab a Golden Order during the World Cup

Find out how you could net £500 this World Cup

Jun 2018 Riders join us for lunch with Will

13 riders joined us in Deliveroo HQ for lunch with our founder and CEO

Jun 2018 Leeds: White Rose Shopping Centre

Find out where to park at the White Rose Shopping Centre

Jun 2018 London: Notting Hill/Paddington

Information and maps showing where to park in Westbourne Grove.

Jun 2018 Cycle safety courses in Surrey

Cycle safety training provided by Surrey County Council.

Jun 2018 Nottingham: Cornerhouse centre

Where to park and find restaurants in the Cornerhouse.

Jun 2018 An easy way to track your earnings

How to see a breakdown of all your orders and fees.

Jun 2018 Tech round-up: Statistics – your questions answered

Find out more about how your in-app statistics work.

May 2018 Your free rider insurance 

Market-leading cover to protect you when you’re on the road with us.

May 2018 Manchester: Trafford Centre

Check out new areas opening across the city in June.

May 2018 Protecting data


Information on how we protect personal data.

May 2018 See tips before you arrive at the customer

It’s now easier to thank a customer who’s left a tip.

May 2018 Join Deliveroo founder Will Shu for lunch

Tell us your favourite story from the road and you could win.

May 2018 Ramadan Mubarak


Information for everyone observing Ramadan this year.

May 2018 We’ve got your back with free insurance

We’re giving riders free accident insurance to protect you on the road.

May 2018 Rider rewards – making it local

We’re looking to get discounts at your favourite local spots.

Apr 2018 Tech round-up: Hints and tips

Here’s some ideas to make riding easier.

Apr 2018 Riders meet Will Shu for lunch

We welcomed a riders to Roo HQ to chat with Will.

Apr 2018 Scott’s charity sponsorship ride

We love to support riders who take part in charity events.

Apr 2018 App updates: smarter swipes and zone centres

It’s easier than ever to get online and receiving orders.

Mar 2018 Tech round-up: Stacking orders

Find out why Frank sometimes gives you multiple orders to deliver.

Mar 2018 App update: Long wait times? Unassign yourself

Unassign yourself at the restaurant if you’ve been waiting too long.

Mar 2018 We’re celebrating International Women’s Day

Meet some of the brilliant women that ride with us around the world.

Mar 2018 Competition: Lunch with Will Shu

This competition has now closed – stay tuned.

Mar 2018 Meet our 2018 sponsorship recipients

£50 and £100 sponsorships still available. Apply now.

Mar 2018 Great food shouldn’t cost the earth

Learn how Deliveroo is taking steps to help our environment.

Mar 2018 Use the app to see when you can earn more

Use the app to see when and where you can earn extra fees

Feb 2018 Launching new London zones

See which new zones are opening, and what zones are expanding.

Feb 2018 Deliveroo is five years old today

Deliveroo’s five today! And we want to start by thanking riders.

Feb 2018 Tech round-up: when do you offer an order?

Find out how the algorithm works out when you offer you an order.

Feb 2018 Sponsorship: voting now open

Voting is now closed, the winner will be announced next week.

Feb 2018 Survey: Rider mobile networks

We’re investigating mobile data perks for riders.

Feb 2018 Ask us anything – answers to your questions

Here are the most popular questions you asked

Jan 2018 Tech round-up: Why am I offered specific orders?

Find out how the algorithm matches riders with restaurant orders.

Jan 2018 Deliveroo Rider Races: Recap

50 riders raced to be crowned the UK’s fastest at our first Rider Races!

Jan 2018 Sponsorship: Want £1,000 for charity?

Riders could win a £1000 donation to charity.

Jan 2018 Deliveroo Rider Races: the competitors

All riders are welcome to come on January 17 and cheer them on.

Jan 2018 Perk: Claim your free hot drink from KFC

Find out how you can claim your free hot drink at KFC everyday

Dec 2017 Sponsorship: Henry Fairey does Movember

Henry joined mo-growers raising awareness for men’s health.

Dec 2017 Update: Deliveroo by numbers

Check out some of the key delivery facts from the last three months

Dec 2017 Updates: Calculating in-app statistics

Self-serve booking helps fit your bookings around your personal life.

Dec 2017 Cycling and pedestrian areas

It’s really important to know the risks of cycling in pedestrian zones.

Dec 2017 News: How to take admin off your plate with Tide

Tips on how to make your business finances easier.

Dec 2017 Road Safety Week 2017 review

Find out how we marked Road Safety Week

Dec 2017 Sponsorship: Pedal the Pond

Friends, Paddy, Hec, Henry and Max have set a groundbreaking challenge, motivated by a desire to get people talking about their mental health.

Dec 2017 Perk: Make your bike electric with Pushme

Turn your bike to electric in seconds – never run out of power again.

Nov 2017 Update: Self-serve booking update

We’re making changes to make the tool work better for you.

Nov 2017 Keeping you safe on the road

Your safety is our priority and we’ve stepped up our measures.

Nov 2017 Update: Welcome Deliveroo Plus

We’re launching a brand new subscription service for customers.

Nov 2017 Update: Our 200th city launch

Today we’re launching our 200th Deliveroo city globally.

Nov 2017 Competition: Deliveroo Riders Races

Voting is now closed, keep an eye out to see the list of riders competing

Nov 2017 Kit Care: Waterproof jacket

Tips on how to wash your jacket, and how to reproof it.

Nov 2017 Update: App outages process

We have updated our process when we have an app outage.

Nov 2017 Deliveroo meets: Torrell, Sheffield

Rider Torrell talks about breakdancing, his goals and riding for Deliveroo.

Oct 2017 Perk: 20% off Honor Cycles packages

London riders: 20% off all service packages

Oct 2017 iSmash

Get your phones and tablets repaired across the UK

Oct 2017 Events: Rider lunch with Will

Our Co-founder and CEO, Will Shu, hosted the first Rider Lunch at the Deliveroo headquarters in London.

Oct 2017 Deliveroo meets: Keir, Lincoln

Keir talks violin making, the outdoors and how Deliveroo provides him the flexibility and certainty to earn whilst keeping his craft alive.

Oct 2017 Self-Serve Booking – Hourly

Learn how the new Self-Serve Booking works if you are an hourly rider.

Oct 2017 Self-Serve Booking – Fee per delivery

Learn about self-serve booking for fee per delivery riders.

Sep 2017 Using your new JEEMAK Vision 4K camera

Some handy tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your camera

Aug 2017 How to do scooter checks before you ride

Vehicle checks ensure your vehicle is safe for the road

Aug 2017 How to do bicycle checks before you ride

Vehicle checks ensure your vehicle is safe for the road

Aug 2017 How to use the app – Fee per drop riders

Try out the Rider App if you’re a rider on a fee per drop model

Aug 2017 How to use the app – Hourly riders

Try out the Rider App if you’re a rider on a hourly fee model

Aug 2017 Deliveroo meets: Peace, London

Peace talks London life, football coaching and Deliveroo.

Aug 2017 Preparing for deliveries (Bicycles)

Safety first, we want you to be prepared for being on the road

Aug 2017 Help

Where to find all the information you’ll need

Aug 2017 Rider info: Working with substitutes

Having someone else provide their services to Deliveroo on your behalf

Aug 2017 Rider info: Delivering the order

Go home knowing you have put a smile on your customers faces

Aug 2017 Rider info: Receiving an order

What you need to prepare to receive and deliver orders

Aug 2017 Rider info: Delivering alcohol

If you are delivering alcohol, you must comply with the law

Aug 2017 Rider info: Health and safety

Hygiene, health and safety on the road

Aug 2017 Bicycle safety training and tips

Important safety tips for cycling on the road

Aug 2017 Junctions and more (Bicycles)

Let’s look at some common road maneuvers

Aug 2017 Signs and hazards (Bicycles)

Now you’re on the road, there are some important things to remember

Aug 2017 Scooter safety training and tips

Important safety tips for riding your scooter on the road

Aug 2017 Junctions and filtering (Scooters)

Keeping yourself alert and aware on the road

Aug 2017 Signs and hazards (Scooters)

Now you’re on the road, there are some important things to remember

Aug 2017 Preparing for deliveries (Scooters)

Safety first, we want you to be prepared for being on the road

Aug 2017 Rider info: Welcome to Deliveroo

Everything you need to know about riding with us

Aug 2017 Competition: Win a rider goody bag!

This competition is now closed. View our favourite photos here.

Jul 2017 Reporting crime to the police

Police advice on what to do in case of an emergency.

Jul 2017 Launching rider safety drop-ins

We’ll be hosting these drop-ins in various locations around London.

Jul 2017 The Met’s ‘Be Safe’ campaign

Official safety advice from the Met Police.

Jul 2017 Safety update from Will Shu

Your safety is our priority, tell us your concerns and help us take action.

Jul 2017 New Deliveroo safety network

We’re announcing new measures to improve safety for riders.

Jun 2017 Deliveroo meets: Benjamin, Tour de Bristol

Benjamin from Bath is riding the 100km Tour de Bristol!

Jun 2017 Deliveroo meets: Luca, world record ergo

Luca and Will are rowing for NSPCC & Worcester Rowing Club.

Jun 2017 Deliveroo meets: Greg, 2000km cycle

Greg and team cycle from the hook of Holland to Rome!

Jun 2017 Deliveroo meets: Eamonn, 110 mile cycle challenge

Father and son, Mick and Eamonn, are raising money for Recovery Haven.

Jun 2017 Deliveroo meets: James, riding London to Paris

The 300 mile ride will raise funds and awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Jun 2017 Deliveroo meets: RooStars Cricket Team

We are supporting and sponsoring the RooStars cricket team.

Jun 2017 Events: Rider Iftar Meals in London

Over Ramadan we hosted a number of Iftar meals for riders across London.

Jun 2017 Events: Tech Week rider coding courses

We took part in London Tech Week with rider coding workshops.

May 2017 Deliveroo meets: Jonathan Beckett

Jonathan shares some tips about how to stay energised on the road!

May 2017 Sponsorship Stories: Well done Adam!

Adam ran a 156-mile ultramarathon across the Sahara Desert!

May 2017 Competition: #RooWithAView

This competition is now closed. Thanks for all your amazing photos!

Apr 2017 Deliveroo meets: Jamie, Half Marathon

Jamie ran with a Deliveroo bag on his back!

Mar 2017 Events: Rider Moments Focus Group

This competition is now closed. A focus group with a twist!

Feb 2017 Deliveroo meets: Jatin, business owner

Jatin is a rider and food business owner on Tottenham Court Road.

Feb 2017 Deliveroo meets: Glauco, Law Masters

Glauco left his job at a large tech firm in Sao Paulo to pursue his dream.

Feb 2017 Deliveroo meets: Jack Peacock

Jack works in New Business for digital marketing agency, Brainlabs.

Jan 2017 Update: Deliveroo by numbers

Some fun facts to show you just how busy Roos have been.

Jan 2017 Cycle Junxion: London

Cycle Junxion is a bicycle store based in London

Jan 2017 Cycle Fix: London

Cycle Fix is a bike store based in Southwark

Jan 2017 SBC Cycles: London

Check out SBC for repairs, sales, and servicing

Jan 2017 Hackney Cycles: London

Find out more about Hackney Cycles products and services

Jan 2017 Pedal It: London

Pedal it is a cycle store based in Lewisham

Jan 2017 Fuelit

Discover some of the best sports nutrition products

Jan 2017 Fosters Cycles

Find out more about Ken Fosters Cycles

Jan 2017 Biketart: Canterbury

Biketart is a bike store based in Canterbury

Jan 2017 Pedal Back Café: London

Sit back and relax at the Pedal Back Cafe

Jan 2017 Sterling Bikes: London

Motorcycle and scooter specialist based in North West London

Jan 2017 Bikeworks: London

Bikeworks is a bike shop based in Bethnal Green

Jan 2017 Pop-Up Bikes: Manchester

Popup Bikes is Manchesters original cycle café

Jan 2017 Restaurants: Manchester

Take a look at some of the best restaurants in Manchester

Jan 2017 Halfords: Car servicing Autocentre

View some great servicing options at Halfords Autocentre

Jan 2017 Cashplus

Earn cash back on card spend with a Cashplus account

Jan 2017 Quella

Learn more about Quella’s incredible bikes

Jan 2017 Tutorfair

Learn more about Tutorfairs learning services

Jan 2017 Azimo

Azimo is the faster, cheaper and safer way to transfer money

Jan 2017 20% off at Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Dining in at Gourmet Burger Kitchen across the UK

Jan 2017 25% discount at Pizza Express

Dine in at Pizza Express across the UK and tuck into a delicious pizza

Jan 2017 Halfords: Savings for scooters

Learn more about Halfords range of parts and accessories

Jan 2017 Hiplok

Hiplok’s line of quality bike locks are designed for riding, built for security.

Jan 2017 Cycle Republic: Gold and Silver service

Learn more about Cycle Republic’s products and services

Jan 2017 Halfords: Saving for cyclists

Learn more about Halfords products and services across the UK

Dec 2016 Deliveroo meets: Ben, combating homelessness

Ben is helping to combat homelessness in Lytham St Annes.

Dec 2016 Deliveroo meets: Imogen, actor

Imogen, loves how Deliveroo flexibility works around her acting career.

Dec 2016 Deliveroo meets: Fabio, London to Portugal

Fabio rode his scooter from London to Portugal for Cancer Research UK.

Dec 2016 Competition: Deliveroo’s Got Talent

This competition is now closed. Riders show off their talents.

Nov 2016 Staying safe this winter

Your safety is our number one priority. Here are some safety tips.

Nov 2016 Competition: #NewRoo Photo

This competition is now closed. We asked you to show off your new kit.

Sep 2016 Sponsorship Stories: Norbert

Norbert is a #Heroo who completed the Half Ironman Transfier Triathlon.

Sep 2016 Sponsorship Stories: Josh and Dominic

600km from London to Amsterdam, raising money for WaterAid.

Jun 2016 Update: Hyper-reflective Kit

Everything you need to stay safe on the road.